Iron Saga 02/08 New Parts Overview


[New Parts]

-S-Parts (Purple)




Death Battle System

All weapon ATK +35%.

When HP is lower than 1/3, refreshes all action CD by 100% immediately while reloading 100% magazine.

Pilot’s all stats increase by +300 for 10s.




Demolition Hammer

Melee ATK (except for beam) +25%

Every 10 melee hits (except for beam), increases target’s mecha action CD. Effect scales with skill level.




Energy Devouring Claw

Increases fist-type melee ATK range by +50.

Fist-type melee weapons have 35% chances to absorb 1.5% of target’s max HP.




Majin Overclocking System

Activates upon the start of each battle. Refreshes 50% action CD and reloads magazine by 50%.

For each weapon and action, increases final damage dealt by 2%.




Stress Protection Module

Increases HP and shield durability by 35%

Counter-type action CD shortens by 20%




Superalloy Z Shoulder Pad

Increases HP by +1500.

35% chances to absorb 50% damage dealt by enemies other than target. Can be stacked.




Acid AP Plate

Decreases melee damage taken by -35%

Activates upon receiving melee damage, inflicts acid corrosion upon nearby enemies. Min CD: 2s.


-A-Parts (Blue)




Black Golden Baseball Bat

Melee ATK +35%s

Adds new action: Walk-off Home Run


-B-Parts (Green)



Flash Grenade


Main Armament/ Missile ATK +20%.

Adds flash effect to Main Armament/ Missile weapons, inflicting confusion. CD: 2s.


*All listed parts are subject to final representation in game.