Iron Saga 01/13 Patch: Gouraiga Retrofit Shines!



Dear Commanders,

#IronSagaAnniversary will come to an end in less than 24 hours! Thanks all commanders for your participation and blessings xD! On behalf of all Iron Saga EN crew member, Slokai wishes you all the best in 2021. Please stay happy and healthy!



New Retrofit

  Gouraiga · Sou

  Retrofit Recipe: Research Point *250, High-intensity Iron Fist *1, Transmission Core Shard *1, Hyper Beam Sword Shard *1, Reckless Sword *1, Superalloy *1500

  Retrofit Resources: Gold *1M, Super Alloy *1K, Primal Energy Core *1K

  Note: Gouraiga re-skin scheme will be available with the update


New Skin

  Elaine Gown Dress


Bonus Event

  Double Arcade Events Attempts


  1. Adds 8 additional attempts after update regardless if commander has challenged or not

  2. Removes 8 attempts on the day event ends regardless if commander has challenged or not (commanders can no longer attempt that day if it is negative attempts)

  3. It is recommended to use all attempts (including buying additional attempts) before event ends


Rate Up

◆High-End Mecha Market Rate Up (Jan.14 - Jan.21)

  Banner 1: Gouraiga (1%)

  Banner 2: Tsukuyomi (1%)


GUARANTEES: At least 1 Banner Mech for each 100 pulls. Counter resets each time players obtains said banner unit.


  1.Each Banner has a different counter (Gacha 2 is different from Gacha 1).

  2.Counter resets when banner changes.

  3.Gacha availability may subject to change from update changes. It will be based on the most recent announcement.


◆Pilot Recruitment Rate Up (Jan.14 - Jan.21)

  Meruru, Vanessa, Lulu (1%); 100-Pull Pity System Applied

  GUARANTEES: At least one banner pilot for each 100 pull. Counter resets upon the acquisition of one of the banner pilots and/ or banner changes.


◆Random Event Rate Up (Jan.14 - Jan.21)

  Infinity & Doll (Infinity Shard Drop)



  Parts Chest Supply Pack

  (Diamond *360, Parts Chest *30)

  Beginner Resource Pack A

  (Primal Energy Core *1000, Diamond *300)

  Beginner Resource Pack B

  (Primal Energy Core * 500, Gold *2M, Refresh Voucher *15)

  Gouraiga Reskin Pack

  (Diamond *1280, Gouraiga Coating *1, Molecular scale coating *6, Stamina Potion *30)


Ongoing Events

Time Limited Gaiden/ Side Story

  Elaine in Wonderland (Jan.07 - Jan.27)


◆Event Giftshop

  Rabbit Hole (Use Handshake Ticket to pull the gacha!)


New PVP Mode and Arena Shop

  Limited Arena (New 4v4 mode with weekly changing rules)

  N-Coin Shop (Use N-Coins earned in the Limited Arena to exchange for unique pets, and mercenary tasks for SSS mechs!)


Time Limited Skins

  Christmas Skin 2rd Expansion: Elaine, Lilulu, Annabelle

New Year Skin: Archduchess Trista, Elaine, Igarashi Meimi, Taylor, Divine Empress, Teresa, Kuon, Slokai, Oboro

  Arashi Summer Skin (Available in Bazaar Box Pack)


Battle Pass Season

  A: Limited Time Slokai Ceremony Dress Skin

  S: Super Voucher *30 + Moon Badge *1



  Bazaar Box Pack (Dec.31, 2020 - Jan.31, 2021)

  (Arashi Summer Skin *1, Diamond *680)

  Vogue Box Pack (Dec.31, 2020 - Jan.31, 2021)

  (Vogue Box *1, Diamond *680; New Year Skin selector)

  Fortune Pack A (Dec.31, 2020 - Jan.21, 2021)

  (Coupon *1, Stamina Potions *40, Primal Energy Core *2,000)

  10x Draws Coupon Big Sale* (Dec.31, 2020 - Jan.21, 2021)

  (Coupon *5, Stamina Potion *50)

  note: purchase time reset

  Stamina Potion Big Sale (Dec.31, 2020 - Jan.21, 2021)

  (Stamina Potion *48)

  Solar Wing Medal Sale (Dec.17, 2020 - Jan.31, 2021)

  (Solar Wing Medal *1, Diamond *818)


Ending Events

◆Random Event Rate Up (Dec.10, 2020 - Jan.13, 2021)

  Great Sandsea Thieves (Ch.5 - Ch.8; Ch.9 - Ch.10)

  Bad Girl? (Ch.13 - Ch.14)

  Infinity & Doll (Ch.17)

  Stunning Robber (Ch.18)

  Lone Assassin (Ch.22 - Ch.24)

  Moonlit Oboro (Ch.31)

  Legendary Hunter (Ch.32; Ch.34)

  Breaking Dawn (Ch.33)

  Ace in the Union (Ch.6)

  Lost Nidhogg (Ch.19 - Ch.21; Ch.24 - Ch.28)

  Ancient Knights (Ch.25 - Ch.26)

  Ancient Mecha (Ch.29 - Ch.32)

  Vatican's Apex (Ch.36)

  Beast in War Institution (Ch.38)


◆Event Rerun: Storm & Aurora (Xmas event, Dec.10, 2020 - Jan.14, 2021)

  Xmas Giftshop (Use Northern Metal Shards dropped in the Xmas event to pull!)


◆Bonus Event: Claw Crane Game (Dec.10, 2020 - Jan.13, 2021)

  What's inside: Deer Stalker, Breaking Dawn, Brunhilde (Mech Shard); Victoria, Bethany, Edith, Bab, Taylor, Marilu (Pilot), and a large amount of resources!


  1.If you already have the pulled pilot maxed at 10-star, the claw crane game will NOT translate it into 50 Heart Eblems, please contact Slokai for compensation!

  2.The super vouchers pulled in the claw crane game are NOT ITEMS, they have to be used before 24:00 or they will expire.


◆27-Day Login Bonus (Dec.10, 2020 - Jan.13, 2021)

  Let this login bonus complement the Claw Crane Game and shine!

  First 7 days (Dec.10 to Dec.17) will feature 1,000 Claw Crane Tokens on daily basis!

  Next 20 days will feature daily 100 Diamonds for free!


◆Anniversary 7-Day Special Mission

  Total of 10 Free Pulls + Limited Time Anniversary Frame!


◆Diamond Consumption Event

  Limited Time Snow Mid-Autumn Skin


Limited Skins

  Christmas Limited Skins for:

  Amanda, Archduchess Ann, Archduchess Trista, Doris, Takahashi Ryoma, VivianKirastar, Carol, Cruz, Archduchess Rhea, Liselotte, Linda, Matilda, Meruru, Serin, Celestia, Slokai*2 (prpr), Snow, Su Rui, Sophia, Taylor, Igarashi Meimi, Hilda, Xi Ye, Charlotte, Cynthia, Sheron.



 Claw Crane Token Sale (Dec.10, 2020 - Jan.13, 2021)

  (Claw Crane Token *1,500; reset on daily basis, max 2 purchases per day)

  Mega Resource Pack (Dec.10, 2020 - Jan.13, 2021)

  (Primal Energy Core *2,500; Gold *4.5m; Big XP Capsule *50; Diamond *1280)

Upgrade Supply Pack A (Jan.07 - Jan.14)

  (Gold *4M, Refresh Voucher *25, Diamond *680)

  Upgrade Supply Pack B (Jan.07 - Jan.14)

  (Diamond *680, Primal Energy Core *2K, Big XP Capsule *40)


Social Media Campaigns

Anniversary Celebration Event (Ends after update)

  Happy Iron Saga one year anniversary! Drop your blessing or artwork in #anniversary-celebration channel and win a chance to get a pilot figurine!


Bug-Fix and other notice

>> Fixed the bug that caused Acid Shell to fail in taking effect.

>> Translation optimization about map encounter, mechs, skill descriptions and others.

>> Thanks all commanders for your support in the anniversary events! Slokai will bring you more excitement in the future!