Iron Saga EN Anniversary Celebration:Reward Raise!




[Breaking News: Rewards Raise!!!]

For each VIDEO entry, we will give away 100 Diamonds per 100 views!

Break it down: 100~199 views = 100 Diamonds; 200~299 views = 200 Diamonds; 300~399 views = 300 Diamonds; 300+ views = 300 Diamonds!


Go and make videos now for more rewards! Previous entries included within the duration of the event! There is only one week left.



Dec.11 is a special day for Iron Saga EN. On this specific day in 2019, Iron Saga EN went online for global players! Now Slokai, on behalf of all Iron Saga EN team members, would like to invite you to our Iron Saga EN Anniversary Celebration Event! And dont worry, everyone can join with a sentence of anniversary wishes for us! Hehee, ofc Slokai prefers some artwork



Text / Image (Screenshot, Photo, or Drawing, Kitbash, Concept Art, Fanart, etc.)

Video (Vlog, MMD, Animated Video, Live Stream etc.)


Time Frame 12/10/2020 - 01/13/2021



1 Winner will be rewarded with A Slokai/Teresa/Judith/Oboro Figurine

3 Winners will get A Sun Badge or A Coupon (10 Multi-Pull)

10 Winners to gain 1212 Diamonds


How to participate

1.On Twitter / Facebook: Leave your anniversary blessings (or works) for Iron Saga in the comment area of the post with #IronSaga and #IronSagaAnniversary hashtags (except on Facebook)

2.On Discord: Post your anniversary blessings (or works) in #anniversary-celebration channel and DM @SlokaiTheQueen with your UID.

3. Directly post your blessings (or works) for Iron Saga on social media platforms and tag @IronSagaEN with the hashtags in question



1. Works have to be centered around Iron Saga and will have a higher chance to win the prizes. Videos should be longer than 90s with Iron Saga showing in the title.

2. Must be original. Disqualification will be enabled when plagiarism is found.

3. Participation of this means you've authorized Iron Saga EN or Game Duchy to display your work (Non-Commercial).

4. Works created prior to this contest are not eligible for entry.

5. Iron Saga EN and Game Duchy reserves the right to interpret the rules within legal and regulatory framework.


Iron Saga Operations Team