Iron Saga 07/09 Patch


Dear Commanders,


Summer is on the hype! Igarashi Meimis battle suit skin will be available after youve completed the 7-Day Special Mission. Now join us on playing Iron Saga!


New Updates

-New missions: (7.9~7.30)

  7 Day Special Mission

  Clear them all to obtain Igarashi's limited battle suit skin!


-New Retrofit

  Liselotte Mk3


-New Skin:

  Igarashi Meimi Battle Suit (7.9~7.30)


Rate UP

-Gacha Rate Up

  Gacha 1: Gouraiga (1%) (7.2~7.16)

  Gacha 2: Jormungand (1%) (7.9~7.16)


GUARANTEES  At least 1  Banner Mech for each 100 pulls. Counter resets each time players obtains said banner unit.

Note: 1.Each Banner has a different counter (Gacha 2 is different from Gacha 1).

           2.Counter resets when banner changes.



-Bar Rate Up

  Kashina Souji, Nakira Karuma (7.2~7.16)

  Liselotte (7.9~7.16)


-Random Events Rate Up:

  Lost Nidhogg appearance and drop rate up (7.9~7.16)*

   (Chapter 19~21, 24~28)


Ongoing Events

-Special Event (7.2~7.30)

  Resource Quests 2× rewards

  Challenge Mode  6 free attempts

  Side Quests & Modification Quests gifts 2× drop rate.


-Login Event: (7.2~7.17)

  7 day login event. Login everyday and on the 7th day you can exchange for a Gouraiga in the Hana institute!


-Current Event

  Kokoro Hana (7.2~7.30)

  Hana institute (7.2~8.6)


-Available Skins

  Battle Pass Limited (7.2~8.6)

    Linda's Swimsuit


  Swimsuit First Expansion (5.28~7.30)

    Yan Zhi, Slokai, Matilda, Vesper, Wynonna, Cynthia, Windsor, Divine Empress, Haruka, Elaine, Serenity, Hilda, Kelly, Guinevere, Nagase Aya, Trista, Glumi, Takahashi Natsumi, Takahashi Ryoma x2, Doris, Hong Xiaoyu, Carol, Clara, Alice, Lulu, Mia, Sheron, Cherise, Cruz, Sawano Hiroko


  Swimsuit Second Expansion (7.2~7.30)

    Archduchess Arseille, Amanda, Oglala, Bora, Dai, Haya, Vivian·Kirasta, Kuon, Archduchess Rhea, Liselotte, Lilulu, Suzuran, Meruru, Nadia, Auru & Fillo, Mizuhara Risa, Su Rui, Sophia, Vivan, Xi Ye, Kobayashi Maki


-Offers (7.2~7.30)

  10x Draws Coupon Big Sale

  10x Draws Coupon Sale

  Mega Resource Pack

  Pet Pack

  Vogue Pack (All new swimsuits other than Xi Ye & Linda!)


Iron Saga Operations Team