Iron Saga 06/25 Patch


Dear Commanders,

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! We’ve prepared something for you in the base, please check it out! Also we are bringing you a 7-day card game bonus for those who love playing cards XD!


New Updates

-This Weeks Events:

  Card Game Week! (6.25~7.2)


-New Pilots:



-New Shop Item:

  Pilot Upgrade Pack (Once per a week)


Rate UP

-Gacha Rate Up (6.18~6.25)

  Gacha 1: Thor (1%)

  Gacha 2: Deer Stalker (1%)


GUARANTEES  At least 1  Banner Mech for each 100 pulls. Counter resets each time players obtains said banner unit.

Note: 1.Each Banner has a different counter (Gacha 2 is different from Gacha 1).

           2.Counter resets when banner changes.


-Bar Rate Up (6.25~7.2)

  Dai, Linda, Layla


-Random Events Rate Up:

  Ace in the Union appearance and drop rate up (6.25~7.2)

   (Chapter 6)


Ongoing Events

-Ongoing Events

   Icey Collaboration (6.11~7.2)

   Beach Café (=^. .^=)ミャー (5.28~7.2)


-Ongoing Skins

  Swimsuit First Expansion (5.28~7.30)

    Yan Zhi, Slokai, Matilda, Vesper, Wynonna, Cynthia, Windsor, Divine Empress, Haruka, Elaine, Serenity, Hilda, Kelly, Guinevere, Nagase Aya, Trista, Glumi, Takahashi Natsumi, Takahashi Ryoma x2, Doris, Hong Xiaoyu, Carol, Clara, Alice, Lulu, Mia, Sheron, Cherise, Cruz, Sawano Hiroko

  Child's Day (4.30~7.2)

    Teresa, Heinrich, Rhea, Liselotte, Matilda, Slokai, Charlotte


-Ongoing offers

    Pet Pack (6.18~7.2)

   (Starlight Badge *1, Pet Sphere *1, Super Voucher *6)


Ending Events

-Ending Events:

   Witch & Watermelon (5.28~6.25)

   Witch & Puppet (6.4~6.25)


-Ending Offers: (5.28~6.25)

  Stamina Potion Big Sale

  10x Draws Coupon Sale

  Vogue Box


Iron Saga Operations Team