Iron Saga 06/18 Patch


Dear Commanders,

Summer event and ICEY event are leaving us, take your time, commanders! Have you hoarded enough resources for ICEY Xsee retrofit? Now with increased entries to arcade games, grab your chances to win golds and have fun here XD!


New Updates

-New Events:

  Double Arcade Week! (6.18~6.25)

  (Arcade attempts increase from 8 times to 16 times.)


-New Pets:

  Tusk, Kouga, Raimei


-New Shop Item:

  Pet Pack

   (Starlight Badge *1, Pet Sphere *1, Super Voucher *6)


Rate UP

-Gacha Rate Up (6.18~6.25)

  Gacha 1: Nidhogg (1%)

  Gacha 2: Armored Gull XENO (2%)


GUARANTEES  At least 1  Banner Mech for each 100 pulls. Counter resets each time players obtains said banner unit.

Note: 1.Each Banner has a different counter (Gacha 2 is different from Gacha 1).

           2.Counter resets when banner changes.


-Bar Rate Up (6.18~6.25)

  Saiki Kaede, Meruru, Liselotte


-Random Events Rate Up:

  Lone Assassin appearance and drop rate up (6.18~6.25)

   (Chapter 22~24)



Ongoing Events

-Ongoing Events

   Icey Collaboration (6.11~7.2)

   Witch & Watermelon (5.28~6.25)

   Witch & Puppet (6.4~6.25)

   Beach Café (=^. .^=)ミャー (5.28~7.2)


-Ongoing Skins

  Swimsuit First Expansion (5.28~7.30)

    Yan Zhi, Slokai, Matilda, Vesper, Wynonna, Cynthia, Windsor, Divine Empress, Haruka, Elaine, Serenity, Hilda, Kelly, Guinevere, Nagase Aya, Trista, Glumi, Takahashi Natsumi, Takahashi Ryoma x2, Doris, Hong Xiaoyu, Carol, Clara, Alice, Lulu, Mia, Sheron, Cherise, Cruz, Sawano Hiroko


  Child's Day (4.30~7.2)

    Teresa, Heinrich, Rhea, Liselotte, Matilda, Slokai, Charlotte


-Ongoing Offers: (5.28~6.25)

  Stamina Potion Big Sale

  10x Draws Coupon Sale

  Vogue Box

  (Can exchange for either one of these swimsuits: Slokai, Elaine, Serenity, Sawano Hiroko, Yan Zhi)


Ending Events

  Summertime Login Event (Ends on 6.21)


Iron Saga Team