Iron Saga 06/11 Patch


Dear Commanders,

Update incoming! Our visitor from another dimension (literally) will join us again. Yes, it’s iCEY and the Narrator XD! We’ll break this update patch down for you, please be seated to see them all:


New Updates

-New Events:

  Icey Collaboration [Rerun] (6.11~7.2)

  Summertime Login Event (6.11~6.20, claimable 7-day rewards)


-New Pilots:



-New Retrofit:



Recipe Unlock

Retrofit Resources

Icey X

Icey Xsee

Research Pt*240

Icey X Shard*50

Energy Spar*30

Freezing Shell*1

Vibration Dagger*1

Reckless Sword*1




B.A.T Samurai

B.A.T Samurai Ω

Research Pt*300

Teleportation Core Shard*1

Missile Core Shard*1

Double Cooling Core Shard*1

High Torque Joint*1

Light Armor*1





Armored Gull


Research Pt*300

Speedloader Shard*1

High-energy Battery Shard*1

Pressure Transformer Device Shard*1

Overclocked Cooling Core*1

Glowing Prism*1






-New Exchangeable:

  Igarashi Meimi Skin available in Beach Café

  Solar Wing Badge (Available at Super Alloy Z store at level 31)

  Starlight Badge (Available at Super Alloy Z store at level 61)


-New Powerup Item:

  Weekly Pilot Growth Pack: Costs 798 Diamonds

  20 Precious Chest

  100 XP Capsule

  1 Mock Training Module


Balance Change

  Multi-core Processor Attack Increase from 35%40%.

  B100 Pilot stats increase from 12%15%, secondary weapons can attack simultaneouslytwo identical weapons can attack simultaneously.

  Panda Pilot stats increase from 12%15%, tackles targets when hp is 50%20% or lower, tackle does more damage after buff.

  Midnight Bunny may now also have a chance to cause corrosion.


Other non-mentioned changes regarding acid and corrosion

  Obsession, Faith, and Radioactive Coat cannot prevent corrosion.

  Multi-Explosive Missiles may now also cause corrosion.

  Corrosion-Resistant Coat gives status reduction to corrosion.

  Eddie's passive skill Blast Shell's explosion is categorized as acid element.

  Shivaji's Knife Throw is Acid element.

  Nana's skill Modified Man name change to Modified Body, and gives immunity to corrosion.


Regarding this balance patch and acid description changes, there will be a compensation of 5 stamina pots and 500k gold for all players that login before June 13th, 2020.


Fixed Skill Description

Pilots: Nana, Eddie, Shivaji, Yan Zhi, Veronica, Matilda, Judith

Skills: Challenge, Tenacity, Robust, Force, Perfectionism


Rate UP

-Gacha Rate Up (6.11~6.118)

  Gacha 1: B.A.T Samurai

  Gacha 2: Huang Long


GUARANTEES  At least 1  Banner Mech for each 100 pulls. Counter resets each time players obtains said banner unit.

Note: 1.Each Banner has a different counter (Gacha 2 is different from Gacha 1).

           2.Counter resets when banner changes.


-Bar Rate Up (6.11~6.18)

  Barmov, Icey, Li Lin


-Random Events Rate Up:

  Ancient Mecha appearance and drop rate up (6.11~6.18)

   (Chapter 29~32)



Ongoing Events

-Ongoing Events

   Witch & Watermelon (5.28~6.25)

   Witch & Puppet (6.4~6.25)

   Beach Café (=^. .^=)ミャー (5.28~7.2)


-Ongoing Skins

  Swimsuit First Expansion (5.28~7.30)

    Yan Zhi, Slokai, Matilda, Vesper, Wynonna, Cynthia, Windsor, Divine Empress, Haruka, Elaine, Serenity, Hilda, Kelly, Guinevere, Nagase Aya, Trista, Glumi, Takahashi Natsumi, Takahashi Ryoma x2, Doris, Hong Xiaoyu, Carol, Clara, Alice, Lulu, Mia, Sheron, Cherise, Cruz, Sawano Hiroko


  Child's Day (4.30~7.2)

    Teresa, Heinrich, Rhea, Liselotte, Matilda, Slokai, Charlotte


-Ongoing Offers: (5.28~6.25)

  Stamina Potion Big Sale

  10x Draws Coupon Sale

  Vogue Box


Iron Saga Team