“Wanted Poster” R[e]build Contest



Time Frame: May 15-Jun. 15

How to participate:


Post your Wanted Poster description on Twitter with hashtag #IronSaga and please remember to tag @IronsagaEN


Leave your poster description texts at the comment area of the event-themed pinged post.








Wanted for the suspicion of malicious manipulation of Mecha King Championship

From Mecha King Championship Committee



One account can only apply for the contest once. Multiple submissions from single account are not allowed, only the first one submitted will enter the contest.

Must be Iron Saga EN related

No politics, violence, NSFW, lewd, or any other illegal contents.



Texts from winners will be implemented into Iron Saga EN with creators’ credits.

Texts will remain available for three months. Iron Saga Official reserves the right to and change and/ or delete the texts if special situation happens.



1. Moderators and Iron Saga staff will select 16 original and well-written texts for final voting.

2. A questionnaire with selected texts will be posted on all Iron Saga’s social platforms for players to vote.



Participation: 100 Diamond.

Bronze: 1,000 Diamonds (10 winners).

Silver: 2,000 Diamonds (5 winners).

Gold: 5,000 Diamonds (1 winners).


In-Game Display of Wanted Poster

Iron Saga and Game Duchy reserves the right to interpret the rules of this event within legal and regulatory framework.


Iron Saga Team