Iron Saga 05/14 New Version Release


Dear Commanders,


New version (2.28) of Iron Saga is estimated to be live in 24 hours. Please download it from app stores! Before that, let’s take a quick look at this brand new version!


1. Permanent Availability of Card Game

Switch to Hangar tab from the main screen to trigger the 50% availability of the Card Game. If you are lucky to see the dialogue bubble bracketing the orange cards, you are able to challenge the pilot in a card game!


2. 2X Speed Battle will be available in Mecha World Cup!

Press the “2X” button at the top right corner in a Mecha World Cup battle and watch a hard-boiled intense PvP combat!


3. New Cutins

Cutin animations for Master Hiei, Nidhogg and Thor will go online followed by the addition of a new “CUTIN” button at Mecha Attributes page. You can play all the cutin animations available soon!


4. New Mech Parts

Reaction Intensifier, Combo Counter, S-Weapon Limit Break Module, Repulsion Armor, Acid Shell, and Quantize Plated Coating will be the latest mech parts to be added for Iron Saga EN!


5. New Pets

In the new version, your Pedia for pets will add G. Bell, Puffed Frog, Manla, Bach, and Tech Eye officially!


6. New Main Story Chapter

In the world-known OATH company, who will Becas meet, fight and befriend? Run through the new chapter: Chapter 33 to unlock more stories about the legendary C-Class mercenary! Meanwhile the Challenge mode for Chapter 33 will also be open.


7. New Resource Quest

Resource Quest: Boss’s Assault – 3 will be challengeable with tons of resources farmable.


8. New arrivals in Arena Shop

Besides the much-awaited Affection Reset Coupon and Starlight Badge, a list of 13 mechs’ shards will be exchangeable at Arena Store, they are Alniyata, Fenrir, Bloody Wolf VII, Lancelot, Reno MK3, Long Dan, Valkyrie S, Qing Long, Kamui, Épéiste, Armored Gull XENO, Astaroth, Tsukikage, and Gangster! If you haven’t collected enough shards to have your final unit of the then-limited mechs, you are able now!






9. Avatar frames will be available!

By clicking avatar > Change Avatar > Avatar Frame, you’ll find a variety of frames ranging from event-themed ones to frames honoring your rankings in Arena!

All PvP frames are to be unlocked at “Career” tab in Legendary Arena. Before that, players should notice that Legendary Arena only opens for lvl. 61+ players.



10. Updated Diamond Store!

A re-designed all-in-one diamond store will be available in the new version. Claimable daily bundle and weekly bundle will be here waiting for your daily sign-in!



11. Daily Perk availability to all High End Mecha Markets

From the new version onwards, daily perk for one-off gacha will apply to all high end mecha markets! Paired with the 100-Guarantee pity system, banner mechs will come easier than ever!

12. Balance Change

Detailed balance change information will be released in another dedicated release on our official website.  


Iron Saga Team