Iron Saga 04/16 Patch


Dear Commanders,


 The long-waited feature, Retrofit is finally available! Who shall be your first retrofit? Read below to learn more about the latest changes.


-New Main Stories

 Chapter 31 & 32

-New Side Story


-New Feature: Retrofit

Rules: 1. Consume certain amount of stamina to claim quests;

2. Collect items required for quests to obtain Research Points;

3. Accumulate Research Points and other materials needed to upload a mecha.  

4. Ta-daaah, Retrofit activated.

-New Level Cap

Level 75

-New Season

  Battle Pass Season 2

-New Pilots

 Fujiwara Rina, Tsukigase Yumi & Yumeno Shiori

-New Mecha

 Deer Stalker

-Gacha Rate Up (04/16-04/23)

**GUARANTEES**:  At least 1 Banner Mech for each 100 pulls.

Note: 1.Each Banner has a different counter.

2. Counter resets when banner changes.

Gacha 1: Dangaioh  (4/2-4/30)

Gacha 2: Deer Stalker

Gacha 3: Belial

Cafe: Fujiwara Rina, Teresa & Elaine

-Random Event(04/17-04/23)

Lone Assassin(Chapter 22-24)

-Dangaioh Collaboration(04/02-04/30)

-Dangaioh Gacha(04/02-05/07)

-Extending Event: Easter Gift Box Event(04/09-04/23);

-Limited Time Offer

  Solar Wings Sphere Pack(4/16-5/14)




Iron Saga Team