Iron Saga 04/09 Patch


Dear Commanders,

 Read below to learn more about the latest changes.




-New Pilots

  Mutsuki & Paula

-New Mecha


-Gacha Rate Up (04/09-04/16)

Gacha 1: Dangaioh  (4/2-4/30)

**GUARANTEES** 1 Dangaioh for each 100 pulls. Counter resets each time players obtains said banner unit.

Gacha 2:Tsukuyomi

Gacha 3: Nero

Cafe: Mutsuki, Paula & Vesper

-New Skins (4/9-5/21)

  Bunny Girl Skins: Liselotte, Slokai, Vivian & Elaine;

-Easter Gift (4/12-4/13)

  Proof of the Brave *1, Soul of Steel *2, Gorgeous Crown *3

-Random Event(04/09-04/16)

Dangaioh(Chapter 22-24)

-Dangaioh Collaboration(04/02-04/30)

-Dangaioh Gacha(04/02-05/07)

-Limited Time Offer

  Primal Energy Core Big Sale(4/9-4/30)

  Sakura Pack(03.19-04.16)

  Badge Pack(03.19-04.16)

  Heart to Heart Pack (03/12-04/09)

  White Day Pack (03/12-04/09)


Iron Saga Team