Iron Saga Q&A Vol. 3: Where to exchange for Biomet


Dear Commanders,


Dangaioh is shining in Iron Saga! The universe-drifting, pilotless mecha made it to Iron Saga world with overpowering strength, will you ready your team and build you team to conquer it? Collect bio-metal along your farming and try the Dangaioh unlimited gacha!


1. When will White Day Event and White Day Store be unavailable?

White Day Event will end on April 16. White Day Event Shop will be unavailable after April 23.


2. Where can I exchange Superalloys for Bio-Metal?

Ta-da, Dangaioh Merchant is available from Chapter 6 onwards. The exchange rate is 2:1 (Superalloy: Bio-Metal). Don’t miss the bargains!


3. I got 2 High-End Vouchers from Crane Game, after I left game and re-entered few hours later, they were gone?

Rule #5 of Crane Game: Free Vouchers for High-End Mecha Market will expire the next day. Please use them before 24:00.


4. I’ve heard a lot about PY mechas, how can I get one?

PY mecha, or Winged mecha in JP server, is referred to as extremely rare mecha that features very strong overall battle performance. These mechas are farmable in some chapters and also possibly available at Black Market and limited high end market. The easiest way to get them is to have Solar Wings Sphere or Solar Wings Medal. Of which Solar Wings Sphere is about to be available in Iron Saga EN!


5. Is there a plan to add voice to some pilots?

Of course! We’ll update new voices to pilots when we have them ready for implementation!