Iron Saga Creative Video Contest


[Time Frame]

Submission: Apr. 2 – Apr. 30

Selection: May 1 – May 9

Final Announcement: May 10



Iron Saga Creative Video Contest is an Iron Saga themed video contest held by Iron Saga Operations Team that aims to enliven the atmosphere of IS players. This contest was given birth with the support of Iron Saga community which boasts of tons of original IS-related fan-made content. Craft your videos and send them to us!


[How to submit]

A: Post your videos on your own youtube channel and let us know by emailing us with your video link.

B: Attach your videos in your email and authorize us to post them on Iron Saga Official youtube channel.


[How to craft your email]

Email to with title and content being like this:

·         Title: [Iron Saga Vid Contest] + Video Title

·         Content: View my posted video at

·         Video description: XXXXX.

·         My In-Game Name is: XXX

·         UID: XXXXXXXX



1. Must be 100% original. Editing is encouraged.

2. Materials of submitted videos must be Iron Saga related.

3. Videos of any kinds are welcomed. We love those which can blow us away with their creativity. Content not limited to MMD, kitbash, plot dubbing, creative gameplay, mashup, reaction videos, anime, anecdote…

4. You can post your videos on your own channel, or authorize Iron Saga Official to post on its official channel. In the former case, authors will have to include “Iron Saga Video Contest Gift Code: IRONSAGAYT

5. No less than 10 seconds for each video. Videos with hollow content are discouraged and will be disqualified (e.g. gacha pull without any editing)

6.  Collaborative videos are allowed, but under one email.

7. You cannot register with videos that had been posted online before the announcement was published. Deleting and reposting will lead to immediate disqualification.

8.  Videos submitted must have their own titles and in which Iron Saga must be mentioned.

9.  Politics-alluding, or any NSFW and other illegal content must not be included.


Disclaimer: By attaching your videos and authorizing Iron Saga Official, you are giving consent to Iron Saga Official to use your video for non-business purpose. Iron Saga and the developer company Game Duchy reserves the right to interpret the rules of this event within legal and regulatory framework.  



Apr. 2: Announcement. Rules will be published on official website.

Apri. 2 – Apri. 30: Video submission and exposure.

May 1 – May 9: Longlist and voting by Iron Saga Discord moderators and Iron Saga staff.

May 10: Announcement of winners.

May 10 – May 11: Delivery of rewards.



1. Videos with more than 100 views (lifetime within the time frame) will be included in the longlist automatically.

2. Discord moderators’ voting score will make up 50% of the final score, while the staff takes the other half.

3. If moderator(s) serve(s) as the author(s) of the submitted videos, he/she’ll have no voting right to his/her videos.



Participation: 500 Diamonds per video.

3rd Place: 2,000 Diamonds per video (X10).

2nd Place: 5,000 Diamonds per video (X5).

1st Place: 10,000 Diamonds per video (X1) plus custom server giftcode.

(E.g. If SlokaiTheQueen wins the 1st Place, Giftcode: SlokaiTheQueenIronSaga will be given away to all players. O.s. Isn’t it a bit too long?)