Iron Saga Q&A Vol. 1: White Day Event and Others


Dear Commanders,


As White Day event proceeds, some confusion may have bothered you or you might find it hard to play the game in a deeper way. Here we bring you breakdown of some parts of Iron Saga, please be informed and have fun!


1. How can I get White Day themed mecha: Gangster? Is it in the Sun Badge?

In the White Day Shop, you'll get up to 90 shards of Gangster, and 150 shards are available in Arena shop. There's also a chance that it might appear in Mecha Development


2. Where's the White Day Shop where I can exchange for resources and items?

In the Café, scroll sideways to see the White Day Store tab. Mafia Kajita is the owner of the shop. You may exchange items with event currency at his shop.


3. Chocolate Broccoli? What is that? Does it taste good?

Delicious…if you haven't eaten them yet, they can be used to buy affections gifts, cores, gold, pet and shards for Gangster.


4. What are Brave Badge and Black Gold Ore?

Similarity is that they will be useful for retrofit, but Black Gold Ore also serves as the only currency for Brave Gacha.


5. Crash Report! What should I do?

Spam Report and take a screenshot of the crash report, then send us at without delay.


6. How can I gain skill points for pilots?

1 Skill Point every 5 levels /200 hit(s), maxing out at 4000hits (20 skill points). Besides that, you can earn additional 1 Skill Point every star upgraded onwards, max 9 points.


7. Does Gangster need copies to be upgraded to 9 Star?



8. Will feeding black cat in the café increase pilot's affections?

No, but feeding the cat will increase the chance of the pilot that likes the presents to come visit the café.


9. Will there be a pity system to be implemented in Iron Saga in the future?

We will bring you good news in the near future!