Iron Saga 03/19 Patch


Dear Commanders,

According to resources, there was a thrilling adventure on last White Day. Are you ready to explore it? Read below to learn more about the latest changes.


-New Pilot

  Mafia Kajita & Li Lin

-New Mecha

Huang Long & Gangster

-Gacha Rate Up (03/19-03/26)

Gacha 1: Huang Long

Gacha 2: Baal

Cafe: Mafia Kajita, Li Lin & Bradley

-White Day Event(03.19-04.16)

 A thrilling adventure awaits you to explore!

-White Day Store(03.19-04.23)

 Get all you want from the event.

-Random Event(03/19-03/26)

A Young Officer Drop Rate UP

-New Skin

  Bunny Girl Wood

-Limited Time Offer

  Sakura Pack(03.19-04.16)

  Badge Pack(03.19-04.16)

  Heart to Heart Pack (03/12-04/09)

  White Day Pack (03/12-04/09)

300% Diamonds Pack(02/13-3/27)

10x Draws Coupon Sale(03/05-03/31)

10x Draws Coupon Big Sale(03/05-03/31)


Iron Saga Team