Iron Saga: Account Guide


How to create an account in Iron Saga?

Click the bottom left corner at Iron Saga’s launch screen > Choose “Register” or sign up with Third Party authentications: Twitter or Google Play account. If you would like to take a sneak peak at our game, you can also try sign in with a password-free guest account.

How to bind your email address to Iron Saga?

Setting” at the Base > “Verify your email” > Check your email box and click the URL to activate the email address > Your email address will be shown at your setting page in game.

How to reset/change your password?

A: I’ve linked my email to my Iron Saga account:

Change” on the Login page > “Change Password” (Still have your old password in mind), or “Reset Your Password” (Completely forgot the old password).

B: I didn’t/can’t do the email linking:

a) I didn’t link my email to Iron Saga: “Change” on the Login page > > “Change Password” (Still have your old password in mind), or email us at

b) I can’t do the email linking:

Email us at and specify your problem, we’ll get it fixed as soon as possible.

How to “formalize” your guest account?

When you sign in as a guest for the second time, a pop-up tips will show and suggest you to complete your account information. Choose “Link now” and create password and account name for your guest account! You can later use them to log into Iron Saga.


*Once your email gets verified and your request for password reset is confirmed, you’ll be redirected to a page featured by { "msg": "success", "rc": 0 }, if it fails, let us know by sending us an email.

**Our verification mail (sent by may be filtered by your email box as “Spam” or “Trash”, please search it in your trash folder.