Iron Saga Speedrun Event


Dear Commanders,


From March 6 to April 2, we’re holding a Speedrun Event for BRAVE side quest 3-6 stage. Form your strongest team and defeat the From the Abyss boss with your combat wisdom! Send your speedrun videos to us and the fastest 10 speedrunners will receive generous rewards.


BRAVE Side Quest

In south Rhein Federation, outskirt of Mechanical Vatican, what will Aalter and Charlotte run into? Deep under the mine they work, what is slithering? Call from somewhere far deeper, what does it stand for? Check the BRAVE side quest and find more!



Clear the last stage (3-6) of BRAVE side quest in Iron Saga’s EN server as fast as you can

Record your speedrun with a screen recorder or any auxiliary applications

Send your video(s) to or upload it/them on your Youtube channel, but must include [Iron Saga Speedrun] in your video title or description

No cheating or acceleration, nor frame-cutting.

Winners will be announced and rewards will be given in the following week after the competition.



1st: 2,000 Diamonds + Moon Badge

2nd – 5th: 1,000 Diamonds + 3 Rare Candy

6th – 10th: 500 Diamonds + 4 Mock Training Module


Iron Saga Team