Iron Saga 03/05 Patch


Dear Commanders,

Are you ready to embrace the Apocalypse? Read below to learn more about the latest changes.



-New Pilot

  Elena & Divine Empress

-New Mecha

Zu Long & Charlottes Exclusive Iron Head

-Gacha Rate Up (03/05-03/12)

Gacha 1: Zu Long

Gacha 2: Carrera

Cafe: Elena, Divine Empress & Slokai



-Brave Event(03/05-04/02)

  Fortune favors the BRAVE. Squad UP!

-Brave Gacha(03/05-04/09)

  Think twice before make your choice!

-Random Event

Funny Force Drop Rate UP

-Diamond Spending Event (02/27-3/25)

Any purchase using diamonds will reward you certain gifts during the event! 

-Limited Time Offer

300% Diamonds Pack(02/13-3/27)

10x Draws Coupon Sale(03/05-03/31)

10x Draws Coupon Big Sale(03/05-03/31)


Iron Saga Team