Iron Saga Top Player Interview (3): SweeperWei




What is Iron Saga Top Player Interview?

Iron Saga Top Player Interview is a player interview series which revolves around top players of every kind in Iron Saga, whether you are a corp master, video-maker, fan-art contributor, top-ranking Arena player or an active member in Iron Saga’s community, chances are you will be contacted and before long, your in-game wisdom or experience will be shared and posted on all Iron Saga social media channels! Be a pioneer!


Who is SweeperWei?

Ranked 8th in the Legendary Arena, he’s also a Meta master and have tons of experience in team composition. He’s rocketing to Lvl.70 and might be one of the first lvl.70 players in Iron Saga! As a Gundam devotee, will he bring us some new ideas about mecha and others? Let’s see!


What do you think is the key to this game?

This game is about SYNERGY.


We have noticed that you are one of the top-ranking players in arena, do you have any special tips to say on how you reach there, and how to build a team for PVP?

PVP is a lot about knowing game mechanics and the synergy between pilot, mech, gears and pet (Plus Co-Pilot). I use my PVP team for everything since I never bother leveling up the PVE pilots. Also, in PVP a lot of RNG is involve. You can 4:0 a top player and lose 0:4 to the same player the next battle.


What about your fav mechs and pilot? Why you like them?

Matilda and SIN III. It’s all about their performance in the Arena. Matilda has 2 G-modes. One is her active skill and the other is every 10 hits. SIN III is all about G-mode activation


And your recommendations for other roles?

Melee are usually reserved for tanks. But if you want a melee DPS, make sure to have aggro deduction gear/pet. A dead DPS deals 0 damage.


How did you develop your theories, through testing, online chatting or guides reference?

Through testing. Make sure to add top players know your friends list. Add top players to your friends list, and test it on them to see how well each team composition works. If the team composition works well but not good enough, then try it with different gears.


I noticed you are the master of the Corp Fatty, anything you want to say about the corp?

It was supposed to be "Fatty in A Patty". But it doesn’t fit... so I just made "Fatty".


what was your first impression about IS?

Well design mechs. And the music is pretty catchy too.


Which anime/manga/game do you want us to collab with if possible?

Gundam - Iron Blood. Seems fitting with that name.


What do you wish to see in future updates?

KAI upgrades! More gears/pet with different utilities/abilities aside from what we already have.  That would make the game far more interesting. And greatly increase the combinations.


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