Iron Saga 02/27 Patch


Dear Commanders,

Its time to enjoy a brand new Iron Saga! Get ready for new UI, co-pilots and other updated content! Please download the latest version from stores to update. Read below to learn more about the latest changes.



New Features

1. NEW Co-pilot feature.

2. NEW Battle Pass system.

3. NEW 7-day mission system.

4. Added the in-game clock.

5. Added Tab Collab in Pedia.

6. Added Email Verification feature.

7. Added a PV at downloading page.

8. Added Random Event preview box in Main Story.

General Updates

1. Balance changes.

2. Optimized game interface and UI.

3. New voicelines for Carlson, Eddie, Kobayashi Maki, Constance, Elanor & Eloiti.

-New Pilot

Kemuri & Karas

-New Mecha

Secret Keeper & Ju Que|Gai

-Gacha Rate Up (2/27-3/5)

Gacha 1: Nidhogg

Gacha 2: Breaking Dawn

Cafe: Kemuri, Karas& Catalina

-Random Event

  New: Ancient Mecha

Lost Nidhogg 1% Drop Rate UP

-Diamond Spending Event (2/27-3/25)

Any purchase using diamonds will reward you certain gifts during the event! 

-Limited Time Offer

300% Diamonds Pack(2/13-3/27)

-Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect display.

Fixed a bug that caused the failure of adding players to blacklist.


Iron Saga Team