Iron Saga Top Player Interview (2): Zenes




How do you feel about being one of the first Lv. 65 players in Iron Saga?

I honestly was just trying to level up my Dr.Aoi for a tournament my federation was doing! "Shout out to the best federation in game Rabbit Saga!" So, when I saw I was already close to 65 I went all in and posted a pic on the main discord.


As one of the top-ranking players, do you have any special tips on how you reach there, and how to build a team for PVP?

My advice for Arena is to play around with your own ideas. Don’t just settle for a tier list someone else made. Tier lists are great sources of info but it's not the be all end all of everything. It's also more fun to experiment and try out for yourself. Another tip is synergy is key. Make a balanced team that complement each other well. Having a tank, some melee and a ranged unit is a solid base. Your 4th can be a support or a unit that buffs or hinders your opponent. This isn't the only way to go about it but a great starting point. Pilots are very important when you choose your mecha. Make sure to find one that benefits and enhances your mechs.


What’s your favorite pilot and mech? Why?

Aww! I can’t pick a favorite really but I can try to narrow it down. If I had to pick right now, it would be Fritz, Alice, Carol, Amanda, Byron" gotta give some love to the guy" and my newest but growing on me, Machiavelli. As far as mechs my favorite is Master Hiei. I enjoy its play style, the way it looks, and the unique abilities it has. Having 3 mechs in 1 with Carol and Having them explode with my X-Bomb is awesome.


What keeps you motivated on playing Iron Saga?

For myself personally I love chatting and interacting with other people so the Official Discord really keeps me hooked. Having other like-minded players to bounce ideas off of and work together to come up with new builds/ideas is something I treasure. It really enhances the overall playing experience. The other thing that keeps me interested is how deep the strategy gameplay can get. It seems simple at first but there’s a deep layer of customization and ideas just waiting to test out.


Do you have any advice for beginners?

My Advice for Newer players is to just experiment. If you like a certain pilot or mech, go for it! The way this game is made having a more diverse team as well as your own strategies, will make you a far better player in the end. Play to enjoy the game, not to the criteria others see. Don’t be in a rush to be the best! This game is best played at your own pace. It will take time to build up your pilots and get your team synergy down. Focus on your 4-person team first. I highly recommend you try out a pilot and see if it's for you before you invest in raising its star level.


At the very beginning don’t be afraid to use A rank mechs. The resources needed for S and above are huge! Not to mention the gold you need. My final piece of advice is joining the discord. A lot of answers to questions asked a bunch are just waiting for you to search it.


What else do you want to say to the fans watching this?

I have fans? Just kidding. Please feel free to reach out to me about anything. I love chatting and helping others out. If you enjoy thinking outside the box and making your own Meta, we will get along even better! Thanks for this opportunity, I'm truly honored to have been a part of it! I hope I can be a positive force in this community.


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Iron Saga Team