Iron Saga Top Player Interview (1): RavensArk




1. How do you learn about Iron Saga?

I actually learned about IS from a youtuber, FG3000.


2. How do you feel about being one of the first Lv. 65 players in IS?

That is actually surprising. I really thought there were a lot of others at 65 before me. I was just trying to get affection items from resource quest, next thing I knew I was 65.


3. Among the 90+ pilots in EN server, who's your favorite one? And why?

From a story standpoint I like the MC Becas, he is a smooth talker, a ladies man. The story has really won me over.


4. Which chapter to be specific?

Chapter 17, it made me tear up. Every time he says he broke, it gets me. He is the man who makes a lot of money but in the end gives it away.


5. That's true, he's a chivalrous man. And what about mecha? Which mech do you like the most? Or you just stick to Vassago?

Vassago is the best, Bro! But, from art it’s hard to decide…I’m torn between Kaguya, Thor, and Sin III.


6. We have noticed that you are one of the top ranking players in arena, do you have any special tips to say on how you reach there, and how to build a team for pvp?

Secret? Sin III and Matilda OP lol. For team building, I would say use 1 taunt unit, it can either be a melee tank unit or use a tanky pilot. In PVP, I use one tank, 1 DPS melee, and one ranged unit, but I still can’t decide on 4th unit.


7. Your mech recommendations for PVP?

Galahad and Vassago MA will go to ranged units, which everyone can farm.


8. Do you have any advice for beginners?

Try mechs with lower levels! They tend to be better at the beginning, since Primal Energy is hard to come by, and it’s hard to get SSS mech dupes. Plus, Foxhound Ex and Seagull are good PVE units.


9. How do you like the current story so far?

As usual, I enjoy Becas’ interactions with everyone else, especially when he found Ying Lin.


10. What keeps you motivated on playing Iron Saga?

I'm a huge fan of the Mecha Genre, I love seeing the new designs, wish I could roll for all of them! Specifically, I like the strategy aspect of Iron Saga, and the music was what originally got me hooked.


11. By the way, tell me which song is your favorite?

Man, they’re all good! It’s hard to decide. I really love how each mecha/pilot has a different song depending of which faction they belong to!...(A moment of silence) Sea of Fire with vocals!


12. What do you wish to see in future updates?

Honestly, if you mean from what we know of - for Kai version.


13. What else do you want to say to the fans who will be watching this?

Enjoy your time playing the game! And everything will come with due time.


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Iron Saga Team