Iron Saga Wiki (2): Let’s Build A Competitive Team




1. In Arena, we are going to face other real players, so we have to build the best team possible to defeat them and reach the highest rank.


2. The matches will be 4 vs 4 (with 2 extra replacement mechas in the Mecha World Cup). The match is over when all of one player’s mechas get destroyed.


3. The mechas will attack automatically and the pilots will use the special skills by themselves, so in the Arena the strategy and team configuration are the key to victory.


4. When we build our team, the balance is something that we always have to keep in mind. If we build a team with great offensive attack but no defense, they will be destroyed before they are able to unleash all their power. Some mechas are better in short distance while some others are better in long distance.


5. To protect your mechas in the rear you need some “muscle” in the front line. There are a lot of mechas that can fulfill this role for your team. We recommend you to use a mecha strong in melee fight and with high HP points. This kind of mecha can fulfill 2 functions at the same time: protect your mechas and be a threat for the rival’s rear.


6. There are so many options to build our team, some more versatile like the Reno Mk II.


Reno MK II is fast and strong, but its HP points are not that high for a front-line melee mecha, so we need to choose our formation wisely to provide the necessary protection so it can unleash its power.


7. Those are some of the factors we need to considerate when we choose our Mechas. We recommend to have a wide mecha pool so we can try lots of different combinations until we find the one that matches our playing style.


8. We also need to choose the characters for our team. Usually, we have to prioritize the characters with higher stats.


As we mentioned before, it’s important to find the balance in our team, we need some mechas that are focused on tanking, other mechas on dealing damage or supporting duties. Same happens with the characters, we have over 50 characters and they all have unique special attacks, so we need to consider that in order to build a balanced team.


Choose wisely your mechas and your pilots, try different combinations and find the perfect team to become the champion of the Arena.


Iron Saga Team