Iron Saga Wiki (1): Card Game Tutorial



1. You win when you reduce your opponent's health points to zero.


2. You have 5 cards in your hand. Every turn, players draw a card until they have 5 in their hands. Players will ALWAYS have 5 cards in their hands at the beginning of the turn, so don’t worry about using all of them.


3. The Mecha cards have Attack and Defense points. The higher, the better.


4. The Mecha cards have “Attributes”. Cards can have one or two Attributes. When a player plays a card, the other player needs to use a card that matches AT LEAST one of those Attributes. Attributes are shown on the top left corner of the card.


5. If you are not able to play any card, you have to PASS. If you pass, you will be on the Defender side. If your DEFENSE points are higher than your opponent’s ATTACK points, you won’t receive any damage and your rival will be damaged by 1 point. If your opponent’s ATTACK points are higher, the difference with your DEFENSE points will determine the damage you receive. And vice versa, if your opponent PASS, you will be on the offensive side.


6. There are also special cards (characters) with special effects, use them wisely!


Iron Saga Team