Iron Saga 02/20 Patch


Dear Commanders,

   Brawl Arena is now live for a whole week from 2.20 after update to 2.27. Line up and try not to get yourselves defeated out there.



-New Pilot

Archduchess Arseille

-New Mecha

Susanoo & Dagger Full Equipment Type

-Brawl Arena(2/20-2/27)

  Show other mercenaries what you got!

-Gacha Rate Up (2/20-2/27)

Gacha 1: Susanoo

Gacha 2: Infinity

Cafe: Archduchess Arseille, Carol & Bethany

-Random Event

Infinity & Doll 1% Drop Rate UP

-Limited Time Skins

Slokai, Vesper, Matilda, Cynthia, Teresa, Guinevere, Sasaki Hikaruko, Su Rui, Hilda, Kelly, Igarashi Meimi 

-Limited Time Offer:
   Wedding Skins 30% Off(2.20-2.27)

300% Diamonds Pack(2/13-3/27)


Iron Saga Team