Iron Saga 11/17 Patch: Main Story Chapter 46!



◆New Main Story Chapter: Ch.46 - Nice to Meet You

  Ft. The latest story about Becca and Amagi family!

  Note: Random encounter: Flower of Naraku (Ch.46) will be available after the update.


◆New Challenge Chapter: Ch.46 - The Blade of An Assassin


◆New SSS Unit: Naraku

  [Chassis I] Ultimate Assassination: Final damage dealt to the enemy with lower than 50% HP +20%. When the enemy's HP drops below 60% and 30%, performs [Assassination] immediately. (Max 1 [Assassination] dealt to an enemy per activation)

  [Chassis II] Killing Intent: Final damage dealt to the enemy not targeting at self's unit +20%. Meanwhile, Naraku enters stealth and get bonus ATK in addition to dealing 200% damage to the enemy for its first attack.


◆New Boss Challenge: One-Man Army (11.17 - 12.15)

  Ft. 10 Super Vouchers as first-clear reward


◆New Pilots: Spica, Mugenn Amagi

  Spica: The chief of all undercover agents employeed by Takahashi Jyuukou. She sees herself a fully loaded weapon, ready to sacrifice herself without hesitation.

  Mugenn Amagi: Mugenn Amagi has been serving as the head of the Amagi family supervising family affairs following the accidental death of her father.


◆New Event: Popular Pilot/ Mech Voting (11.17 - 11.30)

  Vote for your favorite pilots and mechs in game!


◆Weekly Bonus Event: Boss’ Assault Drop UP (11.17 - 11.24)


Rate Up

◆High-End Mecha Market Rate Up (11.17 - 11.24)

  Banner 1: Himiko (1%)

  Banner 2: Naraku (1%)

  Banner 3: Wo Long (1%)

  Banner 4: Percival (1%)

  Banner 5: Grace (1%)

  GUARANTEES: At least 1 Banner Mech for every 100 pulls. The counter resets each time players obtain the banner unit.

  Note: 1. Each Banner has a different counter.

  2. Gacha availability may be subject to change from update changes. It will be based on the most recent announcement.


◆Pilot Recruitment Rate Up (11.17 - 11.24)

  Spica, Mugenn Amagi, Natsumi Takahashi (1%)

  GUARANTEES: At least one banner pilot for each 100 pull. Upon acquiring one of the banner pilots and/ or banner changes, the counter resets.


◆Random Encounter Rate Up (11.17 - 11.24)

  Flower of Naraku (Ch.46)



  Heart Chest Pack (11.17 - 12.15)

  (Super Voucher x10, Ball Invitation x10, Heart Chest x1)

  Stamina Carnival Sale (11.17 - 12.15)

  (Super Voucher x11, Stamina Potion x111)

  Candy Carnival Sale (11.17 - 12.15)

  (Super Voucher x11, Rare Candy x11)

  Limited Mecha Pack (11.17 - 12.15)

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Limited Mecha Sphere x1)

  Note: Limited Mecha Sphere - Open to get one of the following units immediately: Schwarz Ritter / AT / Merlin / Orochi /  Hræsvelgr

  New Year Special Sale (11.17 - 12.15)

  (Solar Wing Medal x1, Sun Badge x1, Moon Badge x1, Starlight Badge x1, Heart Chest x1)

  SSS Fortune's Favor Pack (11.17 - 11.30)

  (Super Voucher x50, Ball Invitation x50)



◆Boss Challenge: Kacho Fugetsu (11.03 - 12.01)

  Ft. Himiko as Boss with Super Voucher x10 as first-clear reward


◆Event Rerun: Full Moon (11.03 - 12.01)

  Ft. 6 stages dropping event token [Moon Crystal]


◆Event Shop: Moonchaser (11.03 - 12.08)

  Trade for goodies here with event token [Moon Crystal]


◆Battle Pass New Season (11.03 - 12.01)

  S-Class Rewards: [Mech Shard] Himiko x30 and more!

  A-Class Rewards: Limited skin for Slokai and many other resources


◆Event Rerun: Lilulu’s Halloween Adventure (10.27 - 11.24)

  Ft. 9 chapters dropping [Halloween Pumpkin]


◆Event Shop: Halloween Cornucopia (10.27 - 12.01)

  Use event token [Halloween Pumpkin] to trade for goodies here!


◆Skins Rerun: Halloween Skins Rerun (10.27 - 11.24)

  Ft. Halloween skins in addition to new Halloween skins for Hyrja, Helene, Ren!



  Beginner Resource Pack A (11.10 - 12.01)

  (Primal Energy Core x1K, Diamond x300)

  Upgrade Supply Pack A (11.10 - 12.01)

  (Gold x4M, Refresh Voucher x25, Stamina Potion x10, Diamond x680)

  Pet Pack (11.10 - 12.01)

  (Starlight Badge x1, Pet Sphere x1, 10-Draw Coupon x1)

  Coupon & Chest Sale (11.03 - 12.01)

  (10-Draw Coupon x3, Purple Parts Shard Chest x10)

  10x Draws Coupon Big Sale (11.03 - 12.01)

  (10-Draw Coupon x5, Stamina Potion x50)

  10x Draws Coupon Big Sale (11.03 - 12.01)

  (Solar Wing Medal x1, 10-Draw Coupon x1)

  Vogue Pack (10.27 - 11.24)

  (Vogue Box x1)


Ending Events

◆New Boss Challenge: Trial of Imperial Preceptor (10.20 - 11.17)

  Ft. Merlin as BOSS with Super Voucher x10 as first clear reward!


◆Weekly Bonus Event: Card Game Arena (11.10 - 11.17)



  Daily Fortune's Favor Pack (11.03 - 11.17)

  (Super Voucher x1)

  Stamina Supply Pack (11.03 - 11.17)

  (Voucher x10, Stamina Potion x30)

  Lucky Tickets Pack (11.03 - 11.17)

  (Diamond x2022, 10-Draw Coupon x1)

  Heart Chest Pack II (10.20 - 11.17)

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Heart Chest x1, Stamina Potion x20)

  Special Fortune Pack III (10.20 - 11.17)

  (10-Draw Coupon x2, Ball Invitation x10, Stamina Potion x30)

  Coupon & Gold Sale (10.20 - 11.17)

  (10-Draw Coupon x4, Gold x10M)


Bug Fixes and Other Notice

>> For reference only. All the content listed above is not final. Subject to final in-game implementation.

>>Banner Pities (effective after the update): Banner 1: Himiko pity will remain; Banner 2: Merilin pity will carry over to Naraku banner: Banner 3: Hel pity will carry over to Wo Long banner; Banner 4: Wu Shuang pity will carry over to Percival banner