Iron Saga 10/27 Patch: Halloween Fest!



◆Event Rerun: Lilulu’s Halloween Adventure (10.27 - 11.24)

  Ft. 9 chapters dropping [Halloween Pumpkin]


◆Event Shop: Halloween Cornucopia (10.27 - 12.01)

  Use event token [Halloween Pumpkin] to trade for goodies here!


◆Skins Rerun: Halloween Skins Rerun (10.27 - 11.24)

  Ft. Halloween skins in addition to new Halloween skins for Hyrja, Helene, Ren!


◆Weekly Bonus Event: Mech Development Refresh UP event (10.27 - 11.03)

  You can refresh up to 2 times of the development formula in Develop -> Mecha Develop per day!

  (Note: first refresh will be FREE, second refresh will cost 50 Diamonds)


Rate Up

◆High-End Mecha Market Rate Up (10.27 - 11.03)

  Banner 1: Hræsvelgr (1%)

  Banner 2: Merlin (1%)

  Banner 3: Nightmare (1%)

  Banner 4: Zhen · Qing Long (1%)

  Banner 5: Lex Aeterna (1%)

  GUARANTEES: At least 1 Banner Mech for every 100 pulls. The counter resets each time players obtain the banner unit.

  Note: 1. Each Banner has a different counter.

  2. Gacha availability may be subject to change from update changes. It will be based on the most recent announcement.


◆Pilot Recruitment Rate Up (10.27 - 11.03)

  Merlyn, Ren, Wynonna (1%)

  GUARANTEES: At least one banner pilot for each 100 pull. Upon acquiring one of the banner pilots and/ or banner changes, the counter resets.


◆Random Encounter Rate Up (10.27 - 11.03)

  Lost Nidhogg (Ch.19~Ch.21 / Ch.28 / Ch.42)



  Gem Lucky Pack (10.27 - 11.10)

  (Diamond Lucky Pack x1)

  Spring Stamina Sale (10.27 - 11.10)

  (Diamond x360, Stamina Potion x18)

  Advanced Custom Pack (10.27 - 11.10)

  (Advanced Custom Pack I / II / III)

  Vogue Pack (10.27 - 11.24)

  (Vogue Box x1)



◆New Boss Challenge: Trial of Imperial Preceptor (10.20 - 11.17)

  Ft. Merlin as BOSS with Super Voucher x10 as first clear reward!


◆New Boss Challenge: Blowing in the Wind (10.08 - 11.03)

  Hræsvelgr boss raid is available!

  First-clear reward: Super Voucher x10 (permanent)


New Time-Limited Event: Ruins in the Shadows (10.08 - 11.03)

  Ft.6 stages dropping event token [Ruin Quartz]


New Event Shop: Ruin Trade (10.08 - 11.10)

  Box Roulette Type event shop featuring Ruin Chest, [Mech Shard] Flame Heart, Rare Candy and more goodies!


◆Event Shop: Great Sand Sea Merchant (09.27 - 11.03)

  Trades: Intelligence: Trial of Origin, [Coating] Parts Selector, Shamash/Fenrir shards and more! Get event token from the Great Sand Sea rerun and come in here for goodies.

  Note: this event will not reset for players who have cleared it last time or more prior to it.


Battle Pass New Season (10.08 - 11.03)

  S-Class Rewards: [Mech Shard] Hræsvelgr x30 and more!

  A-Class Rewards: Limited skin for Edith and many other resources



  Mercenary Task Selector Sale (10.20 - 11.03)

  (Diamond x680, Mercenary Task Selector x1)

  Pilot Recruitment Sale (10.20 - 11.03)

  (Ball Invitation x10, Stamina Potion x30)

  Heart Chest Pack II (10.20 - 11.17)

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Heart Chest x1, Stamina Potion x20)

  Special Fortune Pack III (10.20 - 11.17)

  (10-Draw Coupon x2, Ball Invitation x10, Stamina Potion x30)

  Coupon & Gold Sale (10.20 - 11.17)

  (10-Draw Coupon x4, Gold x10M)

  Festive Mecha Sale (10.08 - 11.03)

  (Super Voucher x5, Ball Invitation x5)

  Fortune Pack A (10.08 - 11.03)

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Stamina Potion x40, Primal Energy Core x2K)

  10x Draws Coupon Big Sale (10.08 - 11.03)

  (10-Draw Coupon x5, Stamina Potion x50)

  SSS Fortune's Favor Pack (10.08 - 11.03)

  (Super Voucher x50, Ball Invitation x50)


Ending Events

◆New Bonus Event (1/2): 10-Day Login Bonus (09.29 - 10.27)

  Day 1~ Day7: Claw Crane Game Token x1K/D (total 7K tokens)

  Day 8: 10-Daw Coupon x1 (total 1 10-Draw Coupon)

  Day 9~ Day 10: Stamina Potion x10/D (Total 20 Stamina Potions)


◆New Bonus Event (2/2): Claw Crane Game Rerun (09.29 - 10.27)

  Mech shards: Brunhilde, Infinity

  Pilot: Arseille, Ann, Rhea, Takahashi Ryoma, Natsumi, Haruka, Auru&Fillo

  Others: Super Voucher (timegated), Diamonds, Vouchers, Stamina Potions, etc.

  Note: If you already have the pilots you pulled from the event, no bonus will be effective.


◆Event Rerun: Great Sand Sea (09.29 - 10.27)

  Ft. 3 chapters 15 stages (note this event will not reset for players who have cleared it last time or more prior to it)


◆Weekly Bonus Event: Combat Simulation Drop Up (10.20 - 10.27)

  Combat Simulation drop up (2X Purple Parts Shard Chest drop rate and increased drop of Combat Simulation tokens)



  Upgrade Supply Pack C (10.13 - 10.27)

  (Diamond x680, Purple Parts Shard Chest x15, Refresh Voucher x20)

  Fortune Pack B (10.13 - 10.27)

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Stamina Potion x40, Gold x4M)

  Medium Custom Pack (10.13 - 10.27)

  (Medium Custom Pack I & II & III)

  Mid-Autumn Festival Sale (10.13 - 10.27)

  (Diamond x2K, Starlight Badge x1, Gold x5M, Proof of the Brave x10)


Bug Fixes and Other Notice

>> For reference only. All the content listed above is not final. Subject to final in-game implementation.

>>Banner Pities (effective after the update): Banner 1: Hræsvelgr pity remains; Banner 2: Merilin pity will remain: Banner 3: AT pity will carry over to Nightmare banner; Banner 4: Chang Sheng pity will carry over to Zhen · Qing Long banner