Iron Saga 02/06 Update



Dear Commanders,

Legendary area will be unlocked with raised level cap to Lv.65! Ready your team and take your A.C.E seat! In the meantime, a dark force is swarming, take those monsters down with your corp members!


-New Mechs:

  SIN III & Carrera

-New Pilots:

  Layla & Machiavelli

-New Contents:

  Player Level 65 Unlocked

  New Arena Unlocks at Lv61

  Story Mode Chapter 29 Unlocked

  Corp Bosses Unlocked

-Ongoing Collaboration:

  ICEY Collab (ends on 2/27)

  **Login rewards available till 2/20

-Ongoing Limited Time Random Events:

  Lost Traveler (Appears in chapter 19~21)

  Rare Drops: WINDY (Pet), Icey X Shard

  **Icey X Shard will have an increased drop & appearance rate from 2/6-2/13

-Ongoing Limited Time Offer:

  300% Diamond Pack (ends on 2/13)

  Primal Energy Core Pack (ends on 2/29)

  Stamina Potion Pack (ends on 2/29)

  10x Draws Coupon Sale (ends on 2/29)

  10x Draws Coupon Big Sale (ends on 2/29)

-Ongoing Limited Time Skins:

  Luna New Year Skin: Available thru (1/21-2/27)

  Aya, KiraSta, Christine, Cruz, Rosa, Slokai, Wynonna, Charlot, Xiao Xue, Ying Lin

  Olympic Soccer Skins: Available thru (1/30-3/12)

  Amanda, Hong XiaoYu, Kelly, Slokai, Igarashi Meimi, Hilda, Sheron

-Gacha Rate Up (2/6-2/13)

  Gacha 1: SIN III

  Gacha 2: Carrera

  Bar: Layla, Machiavelli, Icey

-Ending Collab:

  Armored Gull (ends on 2/6)

  **Armored Gull Merchant leaves on 2/13

-Ending Limited Time Random Events:

  Armored Gull (Appears in chapters 9 & 10)

  B.A.T. Samurai (Appears in chapter 18)

-Ending Limited Time Skin:

  New Year Skins: Slokai, Trista, Taylor, Oboro, Teresa, Kuon


Iron Saga Team