Iron Saga 01/21 Update


Dear Commanders,

Happy Lunar New Year Commanders! Remember to collect Lunar New Year Rewards from your trusty secretary on your home page during Lunar New Year (1/24-1/25)!!

Rewards can only be redeemed once per account


-New Mechs:

    Tyrant I, Tyrant II, Tyrant III

-New Pilot:


-Limited Time Offer: (1/21-2/13)

    300% Diamonds Pack

-Limited Time Random Events:

    Armored Gull (Appears in chapters 9 & 10)

    B.A.T. Samurai (Appears in chapter 18)

**Armored Gull will have an increased drop rate from 1/21-2/1

-Limited Time Skins: (1/21-2/27)

Lunar New Year Skin: Aya, KiraStar, Christine, Cruz, Rosa, Slokai, Wynonna, Charlot, Xiao Xue, Ying Ling

-Limited time events: (1/21-1/28)

Card Game

-Gacha Rate Up (1/21-2/1)

    Gacha 1: Tyrant III

    Gacha 2: B.A.T. Samurai

Bar: Tuff, Chosokabe Wayne, Wynonna


Iron Saga Team