Iron Saga 01/16 Update


Dear Commanders,

There will be an update for new events on January 16th!

Here's a list of what will be updated;


-New Collab:

    Collaboration Event with Armored Gull!

-New Mechs:

    B.A.T. Samurai, Armored Gull, Breaking Dawn

-New shop:

    Armored Gull Merchant will appear in Babylon Bar

    (Available from 1/16-2/13)

-New pilots: 4 new pilots will be available!

    Chosokabe Wayne


    Gwen Pullan


-Limited time offer: (1/16-2/1)

    Primal Energy Core Pack

    Stamina Potion Pack

-Limited time random events:

    Armored Gull (Appears in chapters 9 & 10)

    B.A.T. Samurai (Appears in chapter 18)

**B.A.T. Samurai will have an increased drop rate from 1/16-1/21

-Gacha Rate up (1/16-1/21)

    Gacha 1: B.A.T. Samurai

    Gacha 2: Breaking Dawn

    Bar: Chosokabe Wayne, Wood, Liselotte


Iron Saga Team