Iron Saga 09/09 Patch: Fireworks Rerun!




Dear Commanders,

Teresa’s story reruns! Let’s explore it once agian with fresh experience!



◆New Kun Lun Unit: Wo Long

  [Chassis 1] Stargazing: Activates upon an enemy's release of active skill: Lowers all enemies' SP and magazine. Meanwhile, increases SP and magazine for all allies.

  [Chassis 2] Qi Xing: Revives the ally with 50% HP regeneration upon it receiving fatal damage. Can be only triggered once.


◆Event Rerun: Fireworks (9.09 - 10.07)

  Ft. 2 Chapters (6 story stages each) dropping [Fireworks Point Card]


◆Event Store: Fireworks Shop (9.09 - 10.07)

  Come and trade [Fireworks Point Card] for Épéiste shards and more

  Note: Two new exchangeables will be added to the shop compared with first release: [Gold *100K] = 5 Point Cards (Max 80 purchases); [Parts Selector (Armor)] = 400 Point Cards (Max 1 purchase)


◆Battle Pass Renewal (9.09 - 10.08)

  S-Pass Rewards: [Mech Shard] Wo Long *30 & Épéiste Coating Scheme with Moon Badge and more!

  A-Pass Rewards: Linda in summer festival skin and many others!


◆Weekly Bonus Events: Challenge Mode 2X Attempts

  Notes about Challange bonus event: 1. Removes 3 attempts on the day event ends regardless if commander has challenged or not (commanders can no longer attempt that day if it is negative attempts);

  2. It is recommended to use all attempts (including buying additional attempts) before event ends.


Rate Up

◆High-End Mecha Market Rate Up (9.09 - 9.16)

  Banner 1: Wo Long (1%)

  Banner 2: Asmodeus (1%)

  Banner 3: Diablo (1%)

GUARANTEES: At least 1 Banner Mech for each 100 pulls. Counter resets each time players obtains the banner unit.

  Note: 1.Each Banner has a different counter.

  2.Gacha availability may subject to change from update changes. It will be based on the most recent announcement.


◆Pilot Recruitment Rate Up (9.09 - 9.16)

  Hong Xiaoyu, Dai, Qin (1%)

  GUARANTEES: At least one banner pilot for each 100 pull. Counter resets upon the acquisition of one of the banner pilots and/ or banner changes.


◆Random Encounter (9.09 - 9.16)

  Lone Assassin (Ch.22~Ch.24)



  Stamina Potion Big Sale (9.09 - 9.30)

  (Stamina Potion *60)

  10x Draws Coupon Big Sale (9.09 - 9.30)

  (10-Draw Coupon *5, Stamina Potion *50)

  Fortune Pack A (9.09 - 9.30)

  (10-Draw Coupon *1, Stamina Potion *40, Primal Energy Core *2K)

  Fortune Pack B (9.09 - 9.30)

  (10-Draw Coupon *1, Stamina Potion *40, Gold *4M)


Ongoing Events

◆New Side Quest: Hong Xiaoyu’s Adventure

  Access the side quest via Combat - Gaiden - Side Quest

  Clear the quest to get free unit [Zhu Que]!


◆Event Store: Armored Gull Merchant (08.19 - 09.15)

  All items will be replenished upon this rerun (except for pilots and skin)


◆Trial of Origin Abyss Mode ON!

  The top difficulty of Trial of Origin: Abyss Mode will be up and available for all Trial of Origin bosses after the update!


◆New Skins: Yukata Skin Rerun (7.29 - 9.30)


◆Olympic Football Game Skins

  Olympic football game skins for Hilda, Amanda, Hong Xiaoyu, Slokai, Sheron, Kelly, and Igarashi Meimi



  Dragon Boat Festival Pack (9.02 - 9.30)

  (Guaranteed to Get: Diamond *2021, Zognzi *20, Primal Energy Core *1500~2500, Stamina Potion *30~50, Large XP Capsule *50~100, Gold *5m~8m. One Random Reward: Starlight Badge, Sun Badge, Heart Chest, Moon Badge.)

  Parts Chest Supply Pack (9.02 - 9.30)

  (Diamond *360, Parts Chest *30)

  Prime Upgrade Pack C (9.02 - 9.30)

  (Gold *6M, Purple Parts Shard Chest *15, Parts Chest *50)

  Selectable Part Shard Sale (8.26 - 9.23)

  (Part Shard Selector *1, Diamond *300)

  Upgrade Supply Pack B (8.26 - 9.23)

  (Diamond *680, Primal Energy Core *2K, Big XP Capsule *40)


Ending Events

Armored Gull X Iron Saga Collab Rerun

◆Event Chapter: Armored Gull (08.19 - 09.08)

  Ft. 6 stages dropping event token: ND Core. Trade it with the Armored Gull Merchant and get what you need!


◆Event Limited Random Encounters (08.19 - 09.08)

  Armored Gull XENO (Ch.9~Ch.10), dropping [Mech Shard] Armored Gull XENO by chance.

   B.A.T Samurai (Ch.18), dropping [Mech Shard] B.A.T Samurai by chance


◆Battle Pass Expiration (8.05 - 9.09)

  S-Pass Rewards: Wu Shuang *30 with Moon Badge and more!

  A-Pass Rewards: Tau in summer festival skin and many others!


◆Weekly Bonus Event: Part Development Refresh UP event (9.02 - 09.09)

  You can refresh up to 2 times of the development formula in Develop -> Mecha Develop per day! (Note: first refresh will be FREE, second refresh will cost 50 Diamonds)


◆Random Encounter (9.02 - 9.09)

  Breaking Dawn (Ch.33)



  Upgrade Supply Pack A (08.19 - 09.08)

  (Diamond *680, Stamina Potion *10, Refresh Voucher *25, Gold *4M)

  Stamina Supply Pack (08.19 - 09.08)

  (Voucher *10, Stamina Potion *30)


Bug Fixes and Other Notices

>>All the content list above is not final. Subject to final in-game implementation.