Iron Saga EN Two Sentence Funny Story Contest




Duration: 07.13 - 08.15 (PDT, UTC-7)



Think outside the box! Create and submit your funny stories under the following scenario and conditions. It's just this simple! Let your beloved Iron Saga characters relive in your stories.~


[Must Take Place] During Summer

[Must Include] Iron Saga Characters/Mechs

[Language] English Only


Example from the smartest Slokai sama: I cannot forget the image of those bishoujos playing in the water during mid-summer with their friends. That is until someone told me they are Ryoma and Becky! My eyes!



Top novelist (*1): Slokai 1/8 figure + 2021 Diamonds

Second Prize (*3): Heart Chest *1 + 2021 Diamonds

Entry Prize (per account): Diamond *100


*Higher chance of getting top rewards: Add pictures along with your story (be it like meme or any other media~)




How to participate:

On Twitter: Tweet your stories with #IronSagaTwoSentence hashtag

On Facebook: Comment under the event announcement post

On Discord: Submit your entries in the event channel #two-sentence-stories and @SlokaiTheQueen.

*Participants may submit up to two stories, but are only eligible for one entry prize.



Iron Saga staff and Discord mods will vote on the entries. Announcement to be made in one week after the event.


Policy and framework

-Must be original. Any plagiarism found will result in immediate disqualification

-All the entries should be SFW (safe for work). No political, religious, racist, sexist, sexual or otherwise controversial/ offensive content.

-Submissions must be in English

-Maximum 2 entries per account. Entry rewards only deliver for the first one.

-Failure to abide by the instruction and rules will result in disqualification.

-Game Duchy and Iron Saga developers reserve the right to interpret the event within legal framework.

-Submissions applied must be works crafted within the event timeframe.


Iron Saga Operations Team