Iron Saga 06/10 Patch: King of Demons: Asmodeus




Dear Commanders,

Behold the debut of King of Demons - LM32: Asmodeus!



◆New SSS Unit: Asmodeus

  Chassis 1: [Prophesy] Grants a wide-range FS Field, blocking long-range attacks except grenades for 5s.

  Chassis 2: [Soul Drain] When HP drops below 1/3, gains debuff immunity and immediately uses the strongest mecha action; Absorbs 100% damage dealt to HP for 5s.


◆Event Rerun: Great Sand Sea (Jun. 10 - Jul. 03)

  Note: 1. Event map progress will NOT reset. Other non-reset items sold at Great Sand Sea event shop are: [Mech Shard] Shamash & Fenrir; [Skin] Bikini Suzuran.

  2. Two new redeemables will be added to the shop: Intelligence: Trial of Origin & [Coating] Parts Selector


◆New Pet: Scream

  [Maxed Skill] Increase all of the pilot's stats by 15%; Generates one ultrasound wave once per 3s to stunt the nearby enemy and cause them to lose 4% HP.

  Can be obtained via Starlight Badge


◆Battle Pass Renewal (Jun. 10 - Jul. 04)

  S-Pass Rewards: Asmodeus shards (*30) with Moon Badge and more!

  A-Pass Rewards: Arashi Kimono Skin and many others!


Weekly Bonus Event: Arcade Game 2X Attempts (Jun. 10 - Jun. 17)

   Note: 1. Adds 8 additional attempts after update regardless if commander has challenged or not

  2. Removes 8 attempts on the day event ends regardless if commander has challenged or not (commanders can no longer attempt that day if it is negative attempts)

  3. It is recommended to use all attempts (including buying additional attempts) before event ends


Super Beast Machine God Dancouga collaboration

◆Dancouga Collab Bonus Login Rewards (May 27 - Jun. 18)

  1~4 Days: Stamina Potion *5/day

  5th Day: 10-Draw Coupon *1


◆Collaboration Event Chapter: Dancouga Super Bseast Machine God (May 27 - Jun. 24)

  A total of 10 stages will be available with generous drops of materials and resources! (A FREE Black Wing and Dancouga will be given away after clearing 1-8 and 1-9)


◆Dancouga Dimensional Research Institute (May 27 - Jul. 01)

  Get Dancouga, Black Wing and Shinobu Fujiwara for FREE here!

  -Collect [Dancouga Research Point] *1K to unlock [Shinobu Fujiwara]

  -Collect [Dancouga Research Point] *2.5K to unlock [Black Wing Restoration Blueprint] (Can obtain up to 5 Black Wings)

  -Collect [Dancouga Research Point] *4K to unlock [Dancouga Restoration Blueprint] (Can obtain up to 1 Dancouga)


◆Dancouga Collaboration Retrofits

  Dancouga FINAL Dancouga

  Black Wing Black Wing Modified


Rate Up

◆High-End Mecha Market Rate Up (Jun. 10 - Jun. 17)

  Banner 1: Asmodeus (1%)

  Banner 2: Dancouga (1%)

  Banner 3: Nidhogg (1%)

GUARANTEES: At least 1 Banner Mech for each 100 pulls. Counter resets each time players obtains the unit in question.

  Note: 1.Each Banner has a different counter.

  2.Gacha availability may subject to change from update changes. It will be based on the most recent announcement.


◆Pilot Recruitment Rate Up (Jun. 10 - Jun. 17)

  Sara Yuki, Trista, Linda (1%)

  GUARANTEES: At least one banner pilot for each 100 pull. Counter resets upon the acquisition of one of the banner pilots and/ or banner changes.

  During the collaboration, Sara Yuki will show up in the Tavern by chance


◆Random Events Rate Up

  Dimensional Beast (Ch.18 - Ch.40) (May 27 - Jun. 24)

  Dimensional Beast Corps (Ch.18 - Ch.40) (May 27 - Jun. 24)

  Dimensional Beast BISHOP (Ch.18 - Ch.40) (May 27 - Jun. 24)

  During the collaboration, you can farm time limited collaboration drops in main story with Expedition



  Stamina Supply Pack (Jun. 10 - Jun. 30)

  (Voucher *10, Stamina Potion *30)

  Pilot Growth Pack I (Jun. 10 - Jun. 30)

  (Gold *5M, Heart Emblem *500, XP Capsule *500)

  Pet Pack (Jun. 10 - Jun. 30)

  (Starlight Badge *1, Pet Sphere *1, 10-Draw Coupon *1)


Ongoing Events

◆Skins On Sale: Kids Party! (Apr.29/Jun. 03 - Jun. 30)

  Kids’ skins for: Teresa, Heinrich, Rhea, Liselotte, Matilda, Slokai, Vesper, Charlotte, Linda and Matilda



  Seal Lucky Package (May 27 - Jun. 24)

  (Seal Sphere *1, 10-Draw Seal Coupon! *1, Super Seal Voucher! *2)

  Beginner Resource Pack A (May 27 - Jun. 20)

  (Primal Energy Core *1K, Diamond *300)

  Upgrade Supply Pack A (May 27 - Jun. 20)

  (Gold *4M, Refresh Voucher *25, Stamina Potion *10, Diamond *680) 

  Beginner Resource Pack B (Jun. 03 - Jun. 30)

  (Primal Energy Core *500, Gold *2M, Refresh Voucher *15)

  Upgrade Supply Pack B (Jun. 03 - Jun. 30)

  (Diamond *680, Primal Energy Core *2K, Big XP Capsule *40)

  Pilot Growth Pack III (Jun. 03 - Jun. 30)

  (Heart Chest *1, Rare Candy *10, Mock Training Module *10, Big XP Capsule *530, Gold *10M )


Ending Events

◆Battle Pass Renewal

  S-Pass Rewards: Ying Long shards (*30) with Moon Badge and more!

  A-Pass Rewards: Cynthia Ceremony Skin and many others!


Weekly Bonus Event: Combat Simulation Drop Up! (Jun. 03 - Jun. 10)

   Combat Simulation drop up (2X Purple Parts Shard Chest drop rate and increased drop of Combat Simulation tokens)


◆Event Gacha: Uta Gasen Stand (May 13 - Jun. 10)

  Use event token: [Cheerleading Tickets] to trade with Michiru! Free Fuujin and Raijin shards plus more!


Bug Fixes and Other Notices

>>Live2D patch for iOS users (more patches will come in further updates)

>>All the content list above is not final. Subject to final in-game implementation.