Iron Saga 2.34 Version Update All Wrapped Up


Dear Commander-Sama!


Thanks for your patience and support! Slokai is glad to tell you that Iron Saga EN server has successfully updated to Ver.2.34 at 23:00 PDT on April 26. Now you are able to access to many exciting new content!


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To help you better understand the new features and functions in the brand new Iron Saga, Slokai will break them down in the following text. Please note that balance change will be posted separately as a standalone patch note.


[New Feature] Trial of Origin



Q: How do I enter this mode?

A: From the base, go into [Arcade] and find [Trial of Origin], then you will see all of them.


Q: What do I get from clearing the bosses?

A: First you’ll get [Research Materials], which can be used to upgrade faction technology. Then you will receive all kinds of regular tetrahedron-shaped resources, they have great names, but don’t get bewildered, these are used as materials to make [breakthrough] in faction research. So basically Trial of Origin is the farm for Faction Research.


Q: Will there be any new bosses added in?

A: Yes! Melee-based bosses and many more are on the way!


Q: Any tips on how to clear each boss?

A: Each and every one the boss is the lord of their own realm, you’ll have to set up your team decently to beat them down. If you need any tips or you want to exchange experience with other players, our Discord channel is always welcoming you!
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(You may want to try element-based Black Jacks on the bosses, they have been official available with the update, please take a look at your retrofit interface!)


[New Feature] Faction Research



1. The more mechs you have, the more [Technology Point] you will get. Only add once for each unit;

2. Gather [Technology Point] to boost [Technology Framework] level. Note the former is not a consumable;

3. [Technology Framework] level is the cap on [Faction Technology] upgrade;

4. Level up [Faction Technology] to gain bonuses for according mechs under the faction;

5. You will need to make breakthroughs to camp your faction on the next level range;

6. Breakthrough will reward the faction with additional bonus;

7. [Dimensional Technology] level equates the average number of the top four faction combined;

8. Get materials to upgrade and make breakthrough via Arcade -> Trial of Origin


[New Feature] Expedition

Q: What is Expedition and where can I find it?

A: Long story short, Expedition is the auto-farm mode in Main Story. You can find it via [Battle] -> [Main Story] and it appears on the right side of the screen abbreviated as EX. All your expedition teams are check-able here.


Q: How do I deploy a team for Expedition?

A: First you are kindly notified that only chapters will full stars (18) are available for the Expedition. Once you enter the map, you can find the [EX] button below [Loot]. And now your are welcomed by this information window. (Tips: It’s better to reset the map before the expedition)



Q: How long will it take to complete one expedition?

A: The time it cost for each Expedition is 45min, more expeditions accumulate the time.


Q: How much stamina will each expedition burn?

A: Stamina cost varies with chapters, ranging from 15 to 85 for each, please make proper management on your stamina. Free expedition chance is 5 per day.


[New Feature] Aerial Combat



Learn how to fight like you are playing a vertical scrolling shooter game!