Iron Saga 02/08 Balance Changes


All unreleased mechs and pilots will have their newest build upon release and will not be listed on this list.



Carbon Fiber Material

Increase aircraft's unique ability by +10% (Increased from 6%).

30% chance to evade missile weapon. Can be stacked (Increased from 25%).

Electromagnetic Coat

Reduce missile damage received by -35% (Increased from -30%).

Lattice Structure

Reduce secondary armament damage received by -35% (Increased from -30%).

Extreme Cooling Core

All weapon reload faster by +45% (Increased from 40%).

Smite Shell

Normal and explosive main armament have 35% chance to knock down targets and deal additional damage. (Increased from 33%)

Double Cooling Core

All weapon reload faster by +50% (Increased from 40%).

Corrosive Shell

Cancelled activation cooldown (New).

Luxury Gold Coating

Reduce beam damage received by -55% (Increased from -50%).

High Energy-Absorption Shell

Normal and explosive ATK +35% (Increased from 30%).

Disposable Shield

HP +25% (Increased from 20%).

Reverse Cooling Device

Ranged damage +40% (Increased from 35%).

Wide Range Beam Sword

Increases the range of melee attack by 20 (Detailed from orginal text).

Tesla Engine

Increase shield duration by +50% or decrease shield cooldown by 50% (Increased/Increased from 40%).

Rocket Fist

Melee damage +25% (Increased from 20%).

Rage Core

Fire ATK +35% (Increased from 30%).

Charged Shell

Single-shot ATK +50% (Increased from 35%).

Learning Machine

Pilot's all stats +250 (Increased from 150).

Increase movement speed by +25% (Increased from 20%).

Transformer Device

Missile and drone weapon duration -10% (Increased from -20%).

Missile weapon reloads 50% faster (Changed description).

Particle Shield Generator

Reduce secondary armament damage received by -25% (Increased from -20%).

High Energy Reactive Armor

HP +20% (Increased from 15%).

Composite Fiber

HP +500 (Increased from 300).


Pilot‘s all stats +100 (Increased from 75).

Reaction Intensifier

Switching between weapons and abilities is +50% faster (Increased from +30%).

When an opponent uses an active skill, Increase all of the pilots stats by 50% for 5s (Changed Text).

Ju Que | Gai/ Ju Que Continental Crush

28% chance to knock down an enemy and deals bonus damage (Increased from 27%).