Iron Saga 06/21 Patch: Dragon Boat Racing


**New Pet: Aquarius**

  [Effect] Increases the pilot's all stats by 15%; Gains immunity to Stun and Lose of Control effects. Upon melee attacks hitting the target, deals extra damage by releasing a telekinesis field. Min interval: 5s.


**New Mercenary Task Addition: Naraku & Deer Stalker**

  From the update on, Naraku and Deer Stalker will be permanently added to Mercenary Tasks!


**New Time-Limited Event: Dragon Boat Racing (06.21 – 07.20)**

  Ft. 6 stages of racing arcade game dropping diamond and other resources! Clearing 1-6 will give away the limited unit [Terrestrial Dragon Boat] for free!


**Weekly Bonus Event: Brawl Arena Week (06.21 – 06.29)**


**Rate Up**

**◆High-End Mecha Market Rate Up (06.21 – 06.29)**

**Banner 1: Rebellio (1%)**

  **Banner 2: Barbatos (1%)**

  **Banner 3: Justice Magenta (1%)**

  **Banner 4: Umr (1%)**

**Banner 5: Carestia (1%)**

  GUARANTEES: At least 1 Banner Mech for every 100 pulls. The counter resets each time players obtain the banner unit.

  Note: 1. Each Banner has a different counter.

  2. Gacha availability may be subject to change from update changes. It will be based on the most recent announcement.


**◆Pilot Recruitment Rate Up (06.21 – 06.29)**

**Kemuri, Karas, Dr. Aoi (1%)**

  GUARANTEES: At least one banner pilot for each 100 pull. Upon acquiring one of the banner pilots and/ or banner changes, the counter resets.


**◆Random Encounter Rate Up (06.21 – 06.29)**

Flower of Naraku (Ch.46 – Ch.47)

  *(Possible drop: [Mech Shard] Naraku)*



  **Gem Carnival Sale (06.21 – 07.20)**

  (Diamond x120, Heart Emblem x100)

  **Beginner Custom Pack (06.21 – 07.20)**

  (Diamond x680, Beginner Custom Pack I & II)

  **Dragon Boat Festival Pack (06.21 – 07.20)**

  (Dragon Boat Festival Lucky Package x1)

  **Dragon Boat Festival Sale (06.21 – 07.20)**

  (Diamond x2K, Starlight Badge x1, Gold x5M, Zong Zi x20)



**New Boss Challenge: Messenger of Annihilation (06.15 – 07.13)**

  Ft. Barbatos as final boss! Slay the archdemon and claim the first-clear reward of Super Voucher x10 for free!


**New Login Perks: 5-Day Roulette Bonus (06.15 – 07.12)**

  During the event period, log in to the game, spin the wheel and claim free pulls! 25 pulls are guaranteed with the luckiest commander being able to get 100 pulls! Note that free pulls obtained from the event can be found in the item inventory. They can only be used on Barbatos banner during the Barbatos rate up period. Please be aware of its expiration on 07/12/2023!


**iCEY X Iron Saga Collaboration Rerun (06.08 – 06.28)**

  [Event Chapter] Hop in with iCEY and get isekai’s into the world of Iron Saga with iCEY X!

  *Note: You can enable Auto-Farm for the limited event*


**Collab Limited Units**

  Pilot: iCEY (Obtainable from Pilot Recruitment by chance or through Heart Chest/ Tavern treating)

  Unit: iCEY X (Mech shards obtainable by chance from clearing random event – Lost Traveler)

  Pet: WINDY (Obtainable from clearing random event – Lost Traveler by chance)


**Collab Limited Random Encounter: Lost Traveler (06.08 – 06.28)**

  During the collab period, random encounter will be available in Main Story from Ch.19 to Ch.21. Clear the boss and get shards of iCEY X, iCEY Chest, WINDY and more!


**New Boss Challenge: Rebellio (06.01 – 06.29)**

  Ft. Rebellio as final boss! Rally your team, slay it and claim Super Voucher x10!


**Thematic Skin Rerun: Children’s Day Skin Array (06.01 – 06.28)**


**Battle Pass New Season (06.01 – 06.29)**

S-Class Rewards: [Mech Shard] Rebellio x30 and more!

A-Class Rewards: Limited skin for Luoluo and many other resources



  **Daily Fortune's Favor Pack (06.15 – 06.25)**

  (Super Voucher x1)

  **Fortune Pack C (06.15 – 07.13)**

  (Stamina Potion x50, 10-Draw Coupon x2, Ball Invitation x10)

  **Coupon & Chest Sale (06.15 – 07.13)**

  (10-Draw Coupon x3, Purple Parts Shard Chest x10)

  **Limited Mecha Pack (06.15 – 07.13)**

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Limited BM Selector x1 (Open and select to obtain one of the following units: Umr/ Barbatos/ Shadow Hunter/ Zhu Long))

  **Medium Custom Pack (06.01 – 06.29)**

  (Medium Custom Pack I & II & III)

  **Advanced Tickets Pack (06.01 – 06.29)**

  (Diamond x2480, 10-Draw Coupon x2)

  **10x Draws Coupon Big Sale (06.01 – 06.29)**

  (10-Draw Coupon x5, Stamina Potion x50)

  **SSS Fortune's Favor Pack (06.01 – 06.29)**

  (Super Voucher x50, Ball Invitation x50)


__**Ending Events**__

**Weekly Bonus Event: Combat Simulation Drop UP (06.15 – 06.21)**


**New Event Shop: Intermezzo Shop (05.18 – 06.22)**

  Collect [I-Beams] to exchange for [Mech Shard] Ultra Constructor, Construction Chest (dropping diamonds, ruby mineral, PEC, gold and more!), new coating scheme for Ultra Constructor, Rare Candy, and more!



  **Awakening Sale (06.08 – 06.22)**

  (Pursuit of Pinnacle Pass x7, Awaken Token Chest x7)

  **Stamina Supply Pack (06.08 – 06.22)**

  (Super Voucher x10, Stamina Potion x30)

  **Awakening Sale B (06.08 – 06.22)**

  (Awaken Token x50K, Awaken Token Chest x50)

  **Xmas Gold Sale (06.08 – 06.22)**

  (Diamond x1280, Stamina Potion x50, Gold x10M)


__**Bug Fixes and Other Notice**__

>>For reference only. All the content listed above is not final. Subject to final in-game implementation.

>>Banner Pities (effective after the update): Banner 1 Rebellio pity will retain; Banner 2: Barbatos pity will remain; Banner 3 pity will carry over from Himiko to Justice Magenta; Banner 4 pity will carry over from Orochi to Umr; Banner 5 pity will carry over from Merlin to Caarestia.

>>Mapping List for Clash of Apex (Season July): Laevateinn, Shadow Hunter, Himiko, Orochi, Percival, Ullr, Naraku.


>>PSA: Due to the observance of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival starting from 6-22-2023, Iron Saga EN’s weekly update will be preceded to 6-21-2023 (Wednesday). Please make arrangements accordingly. Sorry is sorry for any inconvenience that may cause!