Iron Saga 01/28 Patch: Masahiro Inoue



**◆New Pet: Pisces**

  __[Skill Description]__: Increase all of the pilot's stats by 20%. Turns 20% of final damage received into [Pisces Energy]. Upon receiving further final damage, nullifies equal amount with [Pisces Energy] accumulated.


**◆New Parts: Directable-Particle Defense Module/ Distribution Coating/ Generator**

__ Directable-Particle Defense Module__: HP +50%; +50% concentration of directable particles. Damage received -1% for every 2% concentration of Directable Particle accumulated. (+20% final damage dealt upon 100% concentration)

__ Directable-Particle Distribution Coating__: HP +20%; +20% concentration of directable particles. Once every 2s, deals damage to nearby enemies and inflicts random status conditions upon them. Damage scales with increased concentration

  __ Directable-Particle Distribution Generator__: Boosts the weapon/ action switch speed by 10%; Adds 2% concentration of Directable Particles once every 1s. (Up to 100%)


**Weekly Bonus Event: Part Development Refresh UP event (01.28-02.02)**

  You can refresh up to 2 times of the development formula per day! (Note: first refresh will be FREE, second refresh will cost 150 Diamonds)


**Rate Up**

**◆High-End Mecha Market Rate Up (01.28 – 02.02)**

    **Banner 1: Umr (1%)**

    **Banner 2: Justice Magenta (1%)**

    **Banner 3: Ullr (1%)**

    **Banner 4: Snow Flake (1%)**

**Banner 5: Tian Quan (1%)**

  GUARANTEES: At least 1 Banner Mech for every 100 pulls. The counter resets each time players obtain the banner unit.

  Note: 1. Each Banner has a different counter.

  2. Gacha availability may be subject to change from update changes. It will be based on the most recent announcement.


**◆Pilot Recruitment Rate Up (01.28 – 02.02)**

  **Archduchess Ann, Archduchess Trista, Snow (1%)**

  GUARANTEES: At least one banner pilot for each 100 pull. Upon acquiring one of the banner pilots and/ or banner changes, the counter resets.


**◆Random Encounter Rate Up (01.18 - 01.28)**

  Legendary Hunter (Ch.32 / Ch.34)

  *(Possible drop: [Mech Shard] Black Jack)*



**Gold Lucky Pack (01.28 – 02.06)**

    (Gold Lucky Pack x1, Diamond x60)

    **Beginner Custom Pack (01.28 – 02.09)**

(Diamond x680, Beginner Custom Pack I x1, Beginner Custom Pack II x1)

    **Resource Supply Pack (01.28 – 02.09)**

    (Diamond x1280, Rare Candy x1, Stamina Potion x40, Primal Energy Core x2.5K, Gold x4.5M)

    **Parts Chest Supply Pack (01.28 – 02.09)**

(Diamond x360, Parts Chest x30)

    **Limited Starlight Sale (01.28 – 02.09)**

    (Diamond x2K, Starlight Badge x1, Gold x5M, Proof of the Brave x10)

    **Luxury Parts Pack (01.28 – 02.09)**

    ([Core] Parts/ Shell/ Armour/ Coating/ Support Selector x1)



**◆3-Day Roulette Event for Justice Magenta (01.18 – 02.16)**

  Miss not the wheel-spinning event to get Justice Magenta! 15 pulls guaranteed with the best lucky guy being able to get 60 pulls!


__**Chinese New Year Celebration Events**__

**Event Rerun: New Year’s Reunion (01.18 – 02.16)**

Ft. 9 event stages dropping [Gold Ingot] and [CNY Chest]

  *Note that first clear rewards will NOT reset for players who have completed them before*


**Boss Challenge Rerun: Martial Ring (01.18 – 02.16)**

Ft. 7 Boss Challenges dropping event token and gold!

  *Note that first clear rewards will NOT reset for players who have completed them before*


**Event Rerun: CNY Quest System (01.18 – 02.16) **

  Finish daily quests and milestone quests to get event tokens and more!


**Event Rerun: CNY Event Shop (01.18 – 02.23) **

Trade in for goodies here with event token!


**Bonus Event: Claw Crane Game Rerun (01.18 – 02.15)**

  Use tricks to empty the inventory with free tokens distributed by login bonus event!


**Bonus Event: 8-Day Login Giveaway (01.18 – 02.15)**

Day 1 – Day 7: Claw Game Token x1K per day; Day 8: 10-Draw Coupon x1


**Skin Rerun: Chinese New Year Skin Rerun (01.18 – 02.16)**


**◆New Boss Challenge: Justice Magenta (01.18 – 02.16)**

Ft. Justice Magenta as final boss piloted by Masahiro Inoue! Clear the boss to get the first-clear reward of 10 Super Vouchers!

  *Note: Ranking and Support are enabled for this boss challenge*


**◆New Gameplay: Clash of Zenith**

Voting Period: 14/01 – 18/01

    Battle starts from 18/01 – 31/01


**◆New Boss Challenge: Cemetery of Stars (01.05 – 02.02)**

  Ft. Umr as final boss and Super Voucher x10 as first-clear reward


**◆New Battle Pass Season (01.05 – 02.02)**

    S-Class Rewards: [Mech Shard] Umr x30 and more!

    A-Class Rewards: Limited skin for Wynonna and many other resources


**◆Event Rerun: Martial Arts Tournament (01.05 – 02.02)**

Ft. 14 stages dropping event token [New Year Lucky Money]

  *Reminder: Please note that the first-clear rewards will NOT reset for players who have cleared the event before*


**◆Event Shop: Martial Arts Hall (01.05 – 02.09)**

Gacha-type event store (Store -> side scroll the banners to find the event store)

    Store token: [New Year Lucky Money].


**◆New Boss Challenge: Ravenous Beast (12.15 – 2.13.2023)**

  First-Clear Rewards: Super Voucher (permanent) x10



    **Spring Stamina Sale (01.18 – 02.02)**

(Diamond x360, Stamina Potion x18)

    **XP Capsule Sale (01.18 – 02.02)**

    (Diamond x600, Big XP Capsule x100)

    **Daily Claw Machine Token Pack (01.18 – 02.15) **

(Diamond x60, Crane Token x200)

**CNY Ticket Lucky Pack (01.18 – 02.15) **

    (Diamond x180, Limited Super Voucher Box x1)

    **Daily Claw Machine Token Sale (01.18 – 02.15)**

(Diamond x600, Crane Token x1500)

**Lunar New Year Coupon Sale (01.18 – 02.15) **

(10-Draw Coupon x1)

    **Festival Limited Vouge Box (01.18 – 02.15)**

(Diamond X680, Festival Limited Vouge Box x1)

    **Festival Coupon Sale B (01.18 – 02.15)**

(10-Draw Coupon x1, Stamina Potion x50)

    **Masahiro Inoue Pilot Pack (01.18 -)**

(Diamond x1280, Masahiro Inoue x1, Unique Necklace x50, [Avatar] Masahiro Inoue x1)

**Starlight Badge Pack (01.18 – 02.15) **

    (Super Voucher x10, Ball Invitation x10, Starlight Badge x1)

    **Limited Mecha Pack (01.18 – 02.15) **

    (10-Draw Coupon x1, New Year BM Lucky Chest x1)

**Coupon & Gold Sale (01.18 – 02.15) **

(10-Draw Coupon x4, Gold x10M)

    **SSS Fortune's Favor Pack (01.18 – 02.15)**

    (10-Draw Coupon x10)

**Heart Chest Pack (01.12 – 02.09) **

(Super Voucher x10, Ball Invitation x10, Heart Chest x1)

**Special Fortune Pack III (01.12 – 02.09) **

    (10-Draw Coupon x2, Ball Invitation x10, Stamina Potion x30)

**10x Draws Coupon Big Sale (01.05 – 02.02) **

(Stamina Potion x50, 10-Draw Coupon x5)

**10x Draws Coupon Big Sale (01.05 – 02.02) **

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Solar Wing Medal x1)


**Ending Events**

**Weekly Bonus Event: Challenge Mode 2X Attempts (01.18 – 01.28)**

Notes about Challenge bonus event: 1. Removes 3 attempts on the day event ends regardless if commander has challenged or not (commanders can no longer attempt that day if it is negative attempts); 2. It is recommended to use all attempts (including buying additional attempts) before event ends.


**◆New Year Skin Rerun (12.29 - 01.31.2023)**



**Special Resource Pack (01.12 – 01.28) **

(Diamond x120, Primal Energy Core x400, Refresh Voucher x10)

**Spring Stamina Sale (01.12 – 01.28) **

(Diamond x360, Stamina Potion x18)

  **Mercenary Task Selector Sale (01.12 – 01.28) **

  (Diamond x680, Mercenary Task Selector x1)


**Bug Fixes and Other Notice**

>>For reference only. All the content listed above is not final. Subject to final in-game implementation.

>>Banner Pities (effective after the update): Banner 1 Umr pity will remain; Banner 2: Justice Magenta pity will remain; Banner 3 pity will carry over from Himiko to Ullr; Banner 4 pity will carry over from Zhen · Qing Long to Snow Flake; Banner 5 pity will carry over from Zhen · Zhu Que to Tian Quan.


>>Unit mapping list for February: Himiko, Merlin, Nightmare, Zhen · Zhu Que, Zhen · Qing Long, Ying Long.