Iron Saga 08/18 Patch: Roaming Dragon



New SSS Unit: Zhen · Qing Long

  [Chassis I] Four Spirit Beast · Qing Long: Upon performing a mech action, applies the target with a [Thunder Token] for 2s decreasing its DEF against EM-Attribute attacks by 35%. [Thunder Token] Cannot be stacked.

  [Chassis II] Quaking Thunderbolt: Upon receiving damage dealt by an enemy unit with [Thunder Token], nullifies this damage and releases a [Thunder Bidding] attack (Min interval: 0.5s) at the cost of one [Thunder Token]


New Boss Challenge: Roaming Dragon (08.18 - 09.15)

  Ft. Zhen · Qing Long as Boss and first clear reward being Super Voucher x10


New Game Mode: Dimension Odyssey (Registration: 08.18 - 08.23)

  Apply for the new game mode before engaging in a dimensional war!

  The Dimensional Odyssey will officially start on August 23, please refer to the latest announcement for more information!


New Part: Electromagnetic Blade

  [Description (Max)] +10% ATK for EM-Attribute Melee-Type weapons; 40% chance for EM-Attribute Melee-Type attacks to deal extra damage by releasing [Lightning Chain]


New Time-Limited Event: Wrath of Beasts (08.18 - 09.15)

  Face the wrath of 3 Four Spirit Beasts! Clear the bosses to get a bunch of precious resources and items!


Event Rerun: A Glimpse of Winter (08.18 - 09.15)

  Ft. 9 stages dropping the event currency [Feather]


Event Shop: Dragon Jackpot (08.18 - 09.22)

  Ft. A jackpot machine where youll be able to get [Shard] Zhen · Qing Long, new coating for Zhen · Qing Long, pet and more!


Weekly Bonus Event: Mech Development Refresh UP event (08.18 - 07.07)  

  You can refresh up to 2 times of the development formula in Develop -> Mecha Develop per day!

  (Note: first refresh will be FREE, second refresh will cost 50 Diamonds)


Rate Up

◆High-End Mecha Market Rate Up (08.18 - 08.25)

  Banner 1: Ullr (1%)

  Banner 2: Mazinkaiser (1%)

  Banner 3: Zhen · Qing Long (1%)

  Banner 4: AT (1%)

  Banner 5: Zhen · Bai Hu(1%)

  GUARANTEES: At least 1 Banner Mech for every 100 pulls. The counter resets each time players obtain the banner unit.

  Note: 1. Each Banner has a different counter.

  2. Gacha availability may be subject to change from update changes. It will be based on the most recent announcement.


◆Pilot Recruitment Rate Up (08.18 - 08.25)

  Tetsuya Tsurugi, Ren, Hong Wu (1%)

  GUARANTEES: At least one banner pilot for each 100 pull. Upon acquiring one of the banner pilots and/ or banner changes, the counter resets.


Random Encounter Rate Up (08.11 - 08.18)

  Lost Nidhogg (Ch.19 ~ Ch.21; Ch.24 ~ Ch.28; Ch.42)



  Stamina Supply Pack (08.18 - 09.01)

  (Voucher x10, Stamina Potion x30)

  Prime Upgrade Pack C (08.18 - 09.01)

  (Gold x6M, Purple Parts Shard Chest x15, Parts Chest x50)

  Festival Coupon Sale B (08.18 - 09.01)

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Stamina Potion x50)

  Lucky Tickets Pack (08.18 - 09.01)

  (Diamond x2022, 10-Draw Coupon x1)

  Moon Badge Pack (08.18 - 09.01)

  (Super Voucher x10, Ball Invitation x10, Moon Badge x1)



Boss Challenge: Arrow and Bow (08.04 - 09.01)

  Ft. Ullr as boss and first clear reward being [Super Voucher] x10.


Event Rerun: Valkyrie with Broken Wings (08.04 - 09.01)

  Ft. 1 chapter, 8 stages dropping [Rhine Military Supply Coupon]


Event Shop: Military Supply Station (08.04 - 09.08)

  Use [Rhine Military Supply Coupon] to trade for goodies!


Battle Pass Renewal (08.04 - 09.01)

S-Class Rewards: [Mech Shard] Ullr x30 and more!

  A-Class Rewards: Limited skin for Moerae and many other resources


Mazinkaiser X Iron Saga Collaboration Rerun (07.28 - 09.01)

Collab Units Rerun: Mazinkaiser, Ashura Mazinger, Aphrodite A

Collab Pilots Rerun: Koji Kabuto, Tetsuya Tsurugi, Sayaka Yumi, Boss

Event Story Rerun: Mazinkaiser Part I & II


Collab Development Rerun: Mazinkaiser Dimensional Research Institute (07.28 - 09.08)

  Note: You can develop up to 4 Ashura Mazingers in the institute.


New Collab Retrofit: Mazinkaiser · SAGA


New Boss Challenge: Dimensional Mazinkaiser (07.28 - 09.01)

  Ft. Mazinkaiser · SAGA as Boss and first clear reward being Random Cube · Mazinkaiser x1 


Collab Bonus Event: 10-Day Login Bonus (07.28 - 09.01)

  Day 1: [Retrofit] Super Alloy Z · Alpha x5

  Day 2~10: Stamina Potion x5/ day (45 intotal)


◆New Limited Random Encounters: Dimensional Beasts! (06.30 - 09.01)

  Dimensional Beast (Ch.18 - Ch.43)

  Dimensional Beast Corps (Ch.18 - Ch.43)

  Dimensional Beast BISHOP (Ch.18 - Ch.43)


Pat-A-Shard Feature Open for Limited Time (06.30 - 09.01)

  During the collaboration period, you can get shards of the unit you pat on your friends teams by chance! Note this take effect once per account per day!

  Exceptions: Retrofit units and collaboration units other than Shin Getter Robot Armageddon collab (NOT available after it ends), Mazinkaiser collab rerun, ICEY and Armored Gull.



  Beginner Resource Pack A (08.11 - 08.25)

  (Primal Energy Core x1K, Diamond x300)

  XP Capsule Sale (08.11 - 08.25)

  (Diamond x600, XP Capsule Sale x100)

  Medium Custom Pack (08.11 - 08.25)

  (Medium Custom Pack I & II & III)

  Luxe Gem Sale II (08.11 - 08.25)

  (Super Voucher x30, Heart Chest x1, Diamond x6480)

  Mega Sale (08.04 - 9.01)

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Diamond x1280)

  10x Draws Coupon Big Sale (08.04 - 9.01)

  (Stamina Potion x50, 10-Draw Coupon x5)

  Beginner Resource Pack B (07.28 - 08.11)

  (Primal Energy Core x500, Gold x2M, Refresh Voucher x15)

  Upgrade Supply Pack C (07.28 - 08.11)

  (Diamond x1680, Purple Parts Shard Chest x15, Refresh Voucher x20)

  FREE Custom Pack (07.28 - 09.01)

  (Diamond x10, FREE Custom Pack I & II)

  Collaboration Supply Pack (07.28 - 09.01)

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Ball Invitation x10)

  Pilot Growth Pack II (07.28 - 09.01)

  (Heart Emblem x1K, Gold x5M, Big XP Capsule x500, Affection Reset Coupon x1)

  Collaboration Limited Gift Box (07.28 - 09.01)

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Heart Box x1 to get one of the collab pilots)

  Advanced Custom Pack (07.28 - 09.01)

  (Advanced Custom Pack I & II & III)

  Carnival Ticket Sale (07.28 - 09.01)

  (10-Draw Coupon x10)

  Moon Badge Pack (07.21 - 08.04)

  (Super Voucher x10, Ball Invitation x10, Moon Badge x1)


Ending Events

Weekly Bonus Event: Challenge Mode 2X Attempts (08.11 - 08.18)

  Notes about Challange bonus event: 1. Removes 3 attempts on the day event ends regardless if commander has challenged or not (commanders can no longer attempt that day if it is negative attempts);

  2. It is recommended to use all attempts (including buying additional attempts) before event ends.



  Promotion Sphere Sale (07.21 - 08.18)

  (Random Cube · Percival x1)

  Fortune Pack A (07.21 - 08.18)

  (10-Draw Coupon x1, Stamina Potion x40, Primal Energy Core x2K)

  Retrofit Pack (07.21 - 08.18)

  (Moon Badge x1, Retrofit Point x500, Stamina Potion x50)


Bug Fixes and Other Notice

>> For reference only. All the content listed above is not final. Subject to final in-game implementation.

>>Banner Pities (effective after the update): Banner 1: Ullr pity remains; Banner 2: Mazinkaiser pity remains; Banner 3: Zhen · Zhu Que pity will carry over to Zhen · Qing Long; Banner 4: Asmodeus pity will carry over to AT


Iron Saga Operations Team