Iron Saga 05/05 Patch: Sleipnir!




Commanders, #Patlabor and #IronSaga collaboration event is coming to an end! What do you make of it this far? Let Slokai know!


Update Patch Note

◆New SSS Unit: Sleipnir

  Sleipnir is one of the most secretive BMs roaming on the land of North.


◆Weekly Bonus Event: Mech Development Refresh UP event (05.05 -05.12)

  You can refresh up to 2 times of the development formula in Develop -> Mecha Develop per day! (Note: first refresh will be FREE, second refresh will cost 50 Diamonds)


◆Battle Pass New Season (05.05 - 06.01)

  Class-S Rewards: [Mech Shard] Sleipnir *30, [Avatar Token] Sleipnir and many more goodies!

  Class-A Rewards: Slokai’s limited skin with many other goodies!

  *You need to clear quests in game, gain points and scale up to get progress rewards*


Rate Up

◆High-End Mecha Market Rate Up (05.05 - 05.12)

  Banner 1: Sleipnir (1%)

  Banner 2: N · Galahad · RV (1%)

  Banner 3: Lex Aeterna (1%)

  Banner 4: Diablo (1%)

  Banner 5: Nidhogg (1%)

GUARANTEES: At least 1 Banner Mech for each 100 pulls. Counter resets each time players obtains the banner unit.

  Note: 1.Each Banner has a different counter.

  2.Gacha availability may subject to change from update changes. It will be based on the most recent announcement.


◆Pilot Recruitment Rate Up (05.05 - 05.12)

  Noa Izumi, Kiichi Goto, Slokai (1%)

  GUARANTEES: At least one banner pilot for each 100 pull. Counter resets upon the acquisition of one of the banner pilots and/ or banner changes.


◆Random Encounter Rate Up (05.05 - 05.12)

  Breaking Dawn (Ch.33)



  Upgrade Supply Pack B (05.05 - 05.19)

  (Diamond x680, PEC x2K, Big XP Capsule x40)

  Purple Chest Special Sale (05.05 - 05.19)

  (Purple Chest x3, Purple Chest Key x3, Diamond x120)

  Good Luck Pack (05.05 - 05.19)

  (Luck Chest x1, can get one of the content on the list out of random)

  10x Draws Coupon Big Sale (05.05 - 05.26)

  (10-Draw Coupon x5, Stamina Potion x50)


Mobile Police X Iron Saga Collaboration (04.07 - 05.05)

◆New SSS Units: AV-98 Ingram 1, AV-98 Ingram 2, AV-X0 Prototype, TYPE-J9 Griffon


  -AV-98 Ingram 1: Through 10-Day Login Event

  -AV-98 Ingram 2: Unlockable at 1K point in Patlabor D. Research Institute

  -AV-X0 Prototype: Unlockable at 3K point in Patlabor D. Research Institute

  -TYPE-J9 Griffon: Available as first clear reward at event story 2-8 and the rest four copies can be developed in Patlabor D. Research Institute at 5K points


◆New Pilots: Kiichi Goto, Noa Izumi, Isao Ohta, Kanuka Clancy, Asuma Shinohara


  -Isao Ohta, Kanuka Clancy, and Asuma Shinohara are obtainable in Patlabor D. Research Institute as progress rewards

  -Noa Izumi, and Kiichi Goto are recruit-able in Tavern and through Heart Chest for a limited time


◆New Collab Development: Patlabor D. Research Institute (04.07 - 05.19)

  Collect materials to unlock the progress rewards and develop collab limited units!


◆New Limited Random Encounters: Dimensional Beasts!

  Dimensional Beast (Ch.18 - Ch.43)

  Dimensional Beast Corps (Ch.18 - Ch.43)

  Dimensional Beast BISHOP (Ch.18 - Ch.43)


Collaboration Bonus Events

◆10-Day Login Bonus (04.07 - 05.12)

  Log in during the event timeframe and claim AV-98 Ingram 1, a bunch of stamina potions and Ball Invitations FOR FREE


◆5-Day Roulette Event (04.07 - 05.05)

  Spin your luck wheel and get FREE PULLS in FL-22 Marshal banner! Min.25, Max.100 PULLS are waiting for you!


◆Diamond Consumption Event (04.07 - 05.12)

  Burn your diamonds in game to claim progress reward - Blue Tail · Ai’s limited skin and many other resources!


Ongoing Events

◆New Time-Limited Event: A Song of Shovel and Drill (04.28 -05.26)

  Ft.3 Stages dropping [Construction Lootbox]. 1-3 features a server challenge with ladder rewards (limited avatar frame for every participant!)


◆New Boss Challenge: Concerto Night (04.21 - 05.12)

  Ft. Nightmare MK3 Boss Challenge

  First Clear Rewards: Random Cube · Nightmare *1, Gold *500K


◆New Boss Challenge: Wild Hunt (04.21 - 05.12)

  Ft. N · Galahad · RV Boss Challenge

  First Clear Rewards: Super Voucher *10, Gold *500K


◆Event Rerun: Fireworks (04.14 - 05.12)

  Teresa’s story will be featured in two chapters, 12 stages


◆Event Shop: Fireworks Shop (04.14 - 05.19)

  Ft. Rare Candy, Primal Energy Cores and many other resources!

  *Note: Trades at Fireworks Shop will NOT refresh for players who have traded it last time except for Rare Candy*



  Lucky Tickets Pack (04.21 - 05.12)

  (Diamond *2022, 10-Draw Coupon *1)

  Festival Coupon Sale B (04.21 - 05.12)

  (Stamina Potion *50, 10-Draw Coupon *1)

  Heart Chest Pack II (04.21 - 05.12)

  (10-Draw Coupon *1, Heart Chest *1, Stamina Potion *20)


Ending Events

◆Weekly Bonus Event: Part Development Refresh UP event (04.28 -05.05)

  You can refresh up to 2 times of the development formula in Develop -> Mecha Develop per day! (Note: first refresh will be FREE, second refresh will cost 50 Diamonds)


◆New Boss Challenge: Oath of Duty (04.07 - 05/04)

  First Clear Reward: Super Voucher *10



  Parts Chest Supply Pack (04.28 - 05.12)

  (Diamond *360, Parts Chest *30)

  Prime Upgrade Pack C (04.28 - 05.12)

  (Gold *6M, Purple Parts Shard Chest *15, Parts Chest *50)

  Stamina Supply Pack (04.28 - 05.26)

  (Voucher *10, Stamina Potion *30)

  Upgrade Supply Pack A (04.21 - 05.05)

  (Gold *4M, Refresh Voucher *25, Stamina Potion *10, Diamond *680)

  Beginner Resource Pack B (04.21 - 05.05)

  (Primal *500, Gold *2M, Refresh Voucher *15)


Bug Fixes and Other Notice

>> For reference only. All the content listed above is not final. Subject to final in-game implementation.

>>Banner Pities (effective after the update): Banner 1: FL-22 Marshal pity carries over to Sleinpir banner; Banner 2: N · Galahad · RV pity remains; Banner 3: Nightmare banner pity carries over to Lex Aeterna banner; Banner 4: Wu Shuang pity carries over to Diablo banner.