Iron Saga 10/08 Patch: Clash of Apex




Dear Commanders,

Long time no see! Slokai misses you all xD! How was your doing in the past 7 days? Tell Slokai and let’s have a casual but refreshing talk!



◆New SSS Unit: Schwarz Ritter

  Schwarz Ritter is the personal BM of Black Knight, he who bears the title of Grand Master in West Continent.


◆New Pilot: Nietzsche (CV: Sei Ôhama)

  [AS (Max)] Performs the ultimate swordskill - La Verdadera Destreza and gains + 50% Golden Mode for 5s


◆New Retrofit: Belial · Wrath

  [Retrofit Point] 500

  [Retrofit Recipe (Shard)] Large Attack Core

  [Retrofit Recipe (Full Part)] Hyper Beam Sword, Wide Range Lightsaber, Superalloy Armor

  [Retrofit Recipe (Others)] Ruby Mineral *500

  [Retrofit Mats] Overpressure Particle Cannon, Gold *1M, Superalloy *1K, PEC *1K, Ruby Mineral *100, Dimensional Beast Scale *500


◆New Time-Limited Event: Body Swap! (10.08 - 10.31)

  Ft. 6 stages dropping [Special Ticket] and an interesting story to run through!


◆Event Shop: Body Swap! Shop(10.08 - 11.07)

  Trade for [Armor/Support Part Selector] and more good stuff with [Special Ticket] here!


◆New Arena Mode: Clash of Apex (To be effective on 10/10)

  An exciting battle is waiting for you! Set up your 3-Team DEF and ATK army to conquer the Apex arena! You will receive [Apex Token] to trade for goodies in the arena shop!


◆New Arena Shop: Apex Market (UNAVAILABLE until 10/10)

  Use [Apex Token] earned from Clash of Apex arena and trade for [Retrofit Cube], various part selectors and more!


◆Weekly Bonus Event: Boss’ Assault (Resource Quest) Drop Up (10.08 - 10.14)


◆Battle Pass Renewal (10.08 - 11.04)

  S-Pass Rewards: [Mech Shard] Schwarz Ritter *30 & [Avatar] Schwarz Ritter with Moon Badge and more!

  A-Pass Rewards: Blue Tail · Ai in summer skin and many others!


Rate Up

◆High-End Mecha Market Rate Up (10.08 - 10.14)

  Banner 1: Schwarz Ritter (1%)

  Banner 2: Carrera (1%)

  Banner 3: Snow Flake (1%)

GUARANTEES: At least 1 Banner Mech for each 100 pulls. Counter resets each time players obtains the banner unit.

  Note: 1.Each Banner has a different counter.

  2.Gacha availability may subject to change from update changes. It will be based on the most recent announcement.


◆Pilot Recruitment Rate Up (10.08 - 10.14)

  Nietzsche, Rolland, Genie (1%)

  GUARANTEES: At least one banner pilot for each 100 pull. Counter resets upon the acquisition of one of the banner pilots and/ or banner changes.


◆Random Encounter (10.08 - 10.14)

  Ace in the Union (Ch.6)



  10x Draws Coupon Big Sale (10.08 - 11.03)

  (Stamina Potion *50, 10-Draw Coupon *5)

  Luxe Gem Sale II (10.08 - 11.03)

  (Super Voucher *30, Heart Chest *1, Diamond *6480)

  Fortune Pack A (10.08 - 11.03)

  (10-Draw Coupon *1, Stamina Potion *40, PEC *2K)

  Fortune Pack B (10.08 - 11.03)

  (10-Draw Coupon *1, Stamina Potion *40, Gold *4M) 


Ongoing Events

◆Mechanical Vatican Login Bonus (9.29 - 10.20)

  Duration: Sept. 29 - Oct.21. Log in to claim bonus up to 10 Super Vouchers!



  Lucky Tickets Pack (9.29 - 10.30)

  (Diamond *2021, 10-Draw Coupon *1)

  Mega Resource Pack (9.29 - 10.30)

  (Gold *4.5M, PEC *2.5K, Big XP Capsule *50, Diamond *1280)

  Purple Chest Special Sale (9.23 - 10.14)

  (Diamond *120, Purple Chest *3, Purple Chest Key *3)

  Upgrade Supply Pack C (9.23 - 10.14)

  (Diamond *680, Purple Parts Shard Chest *15, Refresh Voucher *20)

  Upgrade Supply Pack D (9.23 - 10.14)

  (Diamond *680, Purple Chest *20, Purple Chest Key *20)

  Mid-Autumn Skin Pack (9.16 - 10.20)

  (Mid-Autumn Skin Box *1, Diamond *680)


Ending Events

◆Mid-Autumn Special Event (9.16 - 10.07)

  From 9.16 to 10.07, Mooncake (affection item) will drop in Fireworks event chapter by chance. Mooncake: +6 pilot's Affection


◆Event Rerun: Fireworks (9.09 - 10.07)

  Ft. 2 Chapters (6 story stages each) dropping [Fireworks Point Card]


◆Event Store: Fireworks Shop (9.09 - 10.07)

  Come and trade [Fireworks Point Card] for Épéiste shards and more

  Note: Two new exchangeables will be added to the shop compared with first release: [Gold *100K] = 5 Point Cards (Max 80 purchases); [Parts Selector (Armor)] = 400 Point Cards (Max 1 purchase)


◆Battle Pass Renewal (9.09 - 10.08)

  S-Pass Rewards: [Mech Shard] Wo Long *30 & Épéiste Coating Scheme with Moon Badge and more!

  A-Pass Rewards: Linda in summer festival skin and many others!


◆Weekly Bonus Event: Arcade Game 2X Attempts (9.29 - 10.08)

   Note: 1. Adds 8 additional attempts after update regardless if commander has challenged or not

  2. Removes 8 attempts on the day event ends regardless if commander has challenged or not (commanders can no longer attempt that day if it is negative attempts)

  3. It is recommended to use all attempts (including buying additional attempts) before event ends


Bug Fixes and Other Notice

>>All the content listed above is not final. Subject to final in-game implementation.

>>Please note that Iron Saga is scheduled to update at around 3:00 PDT on Oct.08, roughly in 6 hours.