Iron Saga 06/03 Patch: Blue Tai · Ai has Arrived!





Dear Commanders,

What impressed you the most in Dancouga collaboration event? You must have noticed a giant blue dimensiona beast in the chapter, crawling and destroying the cities, but when this day comes it turns into human form...



◆New Pilot: Blue Tail · Ai

  [Active Skill] Broodworm Explosive: Summons Broodworm Explosives. Number increases with skill level.

  Ai is obtainalbe via Heart Chest and Tavern


◆New Permanent Quest: Witch & Doll

  Summer sneaks in! This to be expected quest will feature two arcade games in 1-3 and 1-6, steer your speed boat and beat the rhythm here in Iron Saga!

  Event Store: Watermelon Store B will be available along with the quest.


◆New Kids Party Skins (Jun. 03 - Jun. 30)

  Our kids’ party will be welcoming two female pilots: Linda and Matilda!


Weekly Bonus Event: Combat Simulation Drop Up! (Jun. 03 - Jun. 10)

   Combat Simulation drop up (2X Purple Parts Shard Chest drop rate and increased drop of Combat Simulation tokens)


Super Beast Machine God Dancouga collaboratoin

◆Dancouga Collab Bonus Login Rewards (May 27 - Jun. 18)

  1~4 Days: Stamina Potion *5/day

  5th Day: 10-Draw Coupon *1


◆Collaboration Event Chapter: Dancouga Super Bseast Machine God (May 27 - Jun. 24)

  A total of 10 stages will be available with generous drops of materials and resources! (A FREE Black Wing and Dancouga will be given away after clearing 1-8 and 1-9)


◆Dancouga Dimensional Research Institute (May 27 - Jul. 01)

  Get Dancouga, Black Wing and Shinobu Fujiwara for FREE here!

  -Collect [Dancouga Research Point] *1K to unlock [Shinobu Fujiwara]

  -Collect [Dancouga Research Point] *2.5K to unlock [Black Wing Restoration Blueprint] (Can obtain up to 5 Black Wings)

  -Collect [Dancouga Research Point] *4K to unlock [Dancouga Restoration Blueprint] (Can obtain up to 1 Dancouga)


◆Dancouga Collaboration Retrofits

  Dancouga FINAL Dancouga

  Black Wing Black Wing Modified


Rate Up

◆High-End Mecha Market Rate Up (Jun. 03 - Jun. 10)

  Banner 1: Dancouga (1%)

  Banner 2: Ying Long (1%)

  Banner 3: Kaguya (1%)

GUARANTEES: At least 1 Banner Mech for each 100 pulls. Counter resets each time players obtains the unit in question.

  Note: 1.Each Banner has a different counter.

  2.Gacha availability may subject to change from update changes. It will be based on the most recent announcement.


◆Pilot Recruitment Rate Up (Jun. 03 - Jun. 10)

  Sara Yuki, Blue Tail · Ai, Serenity (1%)

  GUARANTEES: At least one banner pilot for each 100 pull. Counter resets upon the acquisition of one of the banner pilots and/ or banner changes.

  During the collaboration, Sara Yuki will show up in the Tavern by chance


◆Random Events Rate Up

  Dimensional Beast (Ch.18 - Ch.40) (May 27 - Jun. 24)

  Dimensional Beast Corps (Ch.18 - Ch.40) (May 27 - Jun. 24)

  Dimensional Beast BISHOP (Ch.18 - Ch.40) (May 27 - Jun. 24)

  During the collaboration, you can farm time limited collaboration drops in main story with Expedition



  Beginner Resource Pack B (Jun. 03 - Jun. 30)

  (Primal Energy Core *500, Gold *2M, Refresh Voucher *15)

  Upgrade Supply Pack B (Jun. 03 - Jun. 30)

  (Diamond *680, Primal Energy Core *2K, Big XP Capsule *40)

  Pilot Growth Pack III (Jun. 03 - Jun. 30)

  (Heart Chest *1, Rare Candy *10, Mock Training Module *10, Big XP Capsule *530, Gold *10M )


Ongoing Events

◆Event Gacha: Uta Gasen Stand (May 13 - Jun. 10)

  Use event token: [Cheerleading Tickets] to trade with Michiru! Free Fuujin and Raijin shards plus more!


◆Skin Renewal: Kids Party! (Apr.29 - Jun. 30)

  Kids’ skins for: Teresa, Heinrich, Rhea, Liselotte, Matilda, Slokai, Vesper, Charlotte


◆Battle Pass Renewal

  S-Pass Rewards: Ying Long shards (*30) with Moon Badge and more!

  A-Pass Rewards: Cynthia Ceremony Skin and many others!



  Seal Lucky Package (May 27 - Jun. 24)

  (Seal Sphere *1, 10-Draw Seal Coupon! *1, Super Seal Voucher! *2)

  Beginner Resource Pack A (May 27 - Jun. 20)

  (Primal Energy Core *1K, Diamond *300)

  Upgrade Supply Pack A (May 27 - Jun. 20)

  (Gold *4M, Refresh Voucher *25, Stamina Potion *10, Diamond *680) 


Ending Events

◆Time-Limited Event: Uta Gassen (May 13 - Jun. 03)

  A total of 7 stages dropping [Primal Energy Cores], [Cheerleading Tickets], and special retrofit item for Tsukuyomi’s second retrofit!

Card Game Arena (May 27 - Jun. 03)


Bug Fixes and Other Notices

>>Live2D patch for iOS users (more patches will come in further updates)